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University of Connecticut SCHOOL OF PHARMACY

A Tradition of Excellence: Preparing Leaders in Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Since 1925

Connecticut Pharmacy Leadership Group

The Connecticut Pharmacy Leadership Group [CPLG] is a consortium of pharmacy organizations that collaborate on public policy issues affecting the profession of pharmacy in the State of Connecticut. The focus of the group is to foster safe, effective, and fiscally responsible pharmacy services. The Connecticut Pharmacy Leadership Group develops strategies, programs, and legislative initiatives that recognize the value of pharmacist services to healthcare stakeholders. The group utilizes the combined resources and experiences of its select members to provide sensible strategies to enhance pharmaceutical outcomes, nurture future pharmacy practitioners, and establish recognition of the value of pharmaceutical care.

The Connecticut Pharmacy Leadership Group focuses on contemporary trends, challenges, and opportunities for both pharmacy practitioners as well as their partners in the allied health professions. Through its broad-based constituency, the group seeks to enhance intraprofessional understanding of pharmacy practices in Connecticut and to foster stronger professional unity and partnerships.

Members of the Connecticut Pharmacy Leadership Group may include representatives from:

  • The University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
  • The Connecticut Pharmacy Commission
  • The Connecticut Pharmacists Association
  • The Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
  • The Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists
  • Chain Drug Store Practice
  • Nuclear Pharmacy Practice
  • Compounding Practice
  • The Drug Control Division of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
  • Independent Pharmacy Practice
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