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University of Connecticut SCHOOL OF PHARMACY

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Part I: Recognition and Referral to Enhance Recovery: The Pharmacists Role in Managing Opioid Use Disorder



To obtain CPE Credit, click on the Online CE Center link.  Use your NABP E-profile ID and the session code listed under the activity to access the online quiz and evaluation.  First time users must register in the UConn system.  Test results will be displayed immediately and your participation will be recorded with CPE Monitor within 72 hours of completing the  requirements.  If you have any questions or issues you may contact:  Joanne Nault at or 860-486-2084.

To Take CPE quizzes, click the ONLINE CE CENTER link below.


February 2016 Activity (pharmacist and technician) listed below. Click on the title to view the article.



Part 1: Recognition and Referral to Enhance Recovery: The Pharmacist’s Role in Managing Opioid Use Disorder –

February 10, 2016 – February 10, 2018
Session Code-Pharmacist:  16DT02-XTK28
Session Code-Technician:  16DT02-JCT39

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