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University of Connecticut SCHOOL OF PHARMACY

A Tradition of Excellence: Preparing Leaders in Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Since 1925

Recent Honors Graduates


Audrey Corman

Thesis: Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of Oxysterol Agonists of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway.
Advisor: Dr. M. Kyle Hadden

Julie Costello

Thesis: Frankia Symbioses and Natural Drug Discovery.
Advisor: Dr. Marcy J. Balunas

Ashley Gale

Thesis: Hemodynamic and Electrocardiographic Effects of Acai Berry in Healthy Volunteers: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Advisor: Dr. William L. Baker

David Sugrue

Methylphenidate and Dexmethylphenidate Formulations for Children with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder.
Advisor: Dr. Megan J. Ehret


Mohamed Ammar

Thesis: Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Role in Gene Expression & Development of New Drug Candidates
Advisor: Dr. Dennis L. Wright

Joshua Baldino

Thesis: Assessing the Relationship Between the Blood-Air Partition Coefficient and Fractional Uptake of Inspired Halothane, Acetone, and Ethanol Vapors in the Airways of the C57BL/6J Mouse.
Advisor: Dr. John B. Morris

Rukshana Chowdhury Miah

Thesis: Pain Management with Opiods: Pharmacists’ Knowledge & Attitudes, a Survey of Connecticut Licensed Pharmacists
Advisor: Dr. Trinh Pham

Michael Ha

Thesis: L-menthol Suppresses Respiratory Responses to Chemosensory Irritation Induced by Inhaled Cigarette Sidestream Smoke
Advisor: Dr. John B. Morris

Jessica Hawthorne

Thesis: Literature Review of Extrapyramidal Reaction Reports with Selective Serotonin and Serotonin-norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors
Advisor: Dr. Charles F. Caley

Joy Meng

Thesis: Cost-Effectiveness of Apixaban Compared to Aspirin for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation
Advisor: Dr. Craig I. Coleman

Michael Stamatis

Thesis: The Molecular Mechanisms of TNIP1: Characterizing the Transcriptional Regulation of HSPA6
Advisor: Dr. Brian J. Aneskievich

Nhi Tran

Thesis: The Development of Novel Anti-folates: An Ongoing Battle Against Resistance
Advisor: Dr. Amy Anderson


Lauren Bendel

Thesis: Assessment of Intestinal Permeability as a Biomarker for Drug-Induced Enteropathy
Advisor: Dr. Urs Boelsterli

Liv Erhard

Thesis: The Effect of Atorvastatin on Habitual Physical Activity Levels among Healthy Adults Across the Lifespan
Advisor: Dr. Linda Pescatello

Elizabeth Flatley

Thesis: Removal of Saccharomyces boulardii from a hospital formulary and the impact on Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD)
Advisor: Dr. Michael Nailor

Lanting Fuh

Thesis: The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Helping Patients Afford Medications
Advisor: Dr. Devra Dang

Cynthia Gagliardi

Thesis: Oil-in-Water Nanoemulsions: Stability and In Vitro Release
Advisor: Dr. Diane Burgess

Emily Lau

Thesis: Ciprofloxacin Induced Occlusion of Feeding Tubes is Dependent on Tablet Brand and Suspension Preparation
Advisor: Dr. Robin Bogner

Dan Pham

Thesis: Cost-effectiveness of Rivaroxaban Compared to Warfarin for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation
Advisor: Dr. Craig Coleman

Jamie Smith

Thesis: The Impact of Pharmacy-Based Immunizations
Advisor: Dr. Lauren Schlesselman

Yunfeng Zhu

Thesis: The Characterization of Granular Mixing with a Bi-axial Blender
Advisor: Dr. Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri


Agata Dabek

Thesis: Comparative Effectiveness of Bisphosphonates in Prevention of Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Advisor: Dr. C. Michael White

Jeffrey Endicott

Thesis: Computer-Aided Drug Design: Antimicrobial Lead Optimization for Dihydrofolate Reductase Inhibitors
Advisor: Dr. Amy C. Anderson

Eric Gloede – University Scholar

Thesis: Respiratory Tract Vapor Uptake in Spontaneously Breathing Rats
Advisor: Dr. John B. Morris

Christine Kohn

Thesis: Variable Incidence of Feeding Tube Occlusions: An In-Vitro Evaluation
Advisor: Dr. Robin H. Bogner

Sarah Livings

Thesis: DNA Subcloning and Analysis
Advisor: Dr. Brian J. Aneskievich

Mehak Talwar

Thesis: Effect of Noninsulin Antidiabetic drugs added to metformin therapy on glycemic control, weight gain and hypoglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes
Advisor: Dr. Craig I. Coleman

Katarzyna Zlotnik

Thesis: Osteoporosis and Bisohosphonate Therapy: Comparison of Efficacy for Fracture Prevention: Meta-Analysis
Advisor: Dr. C. Michael White


Stephen Bendel

Thesis: “Structural Studies of DHFR Inhibitors: Towards the Creation of a Dual Anti-fungal”
Advisor: Dr. Amy C. Anderson

Anthony Proli

Thesis: “The Characterization of Acetaminophen-Induced Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Formation in an Immortalized Human Hepatocyte Cell Line”
Advisor: Dr. Urs A. Boelsterli

Demetre Stamatis

Thesis: “Angiogenesis and Cortistatin-A: The Rationale and Synthesis of Inspired Steroidal Analogs as Molecular Targeting Agents”
Advisor: Dr. Dennis L. Wright

Elizabeth Zhu

Thesis: “Assessing the Impact of Pharmacists’ Interventions on Health Beliefs and Outcomes in a Cambodian American Population”
Advisor: Dr. Thomas E. Buckley


Colleen Teevan

Thesis: “How Do Pharmacy Students Learn? Assessing Learning Styles at an Accredited US School of Pharmacy”
Advisor: Dr. Lauren Schlesselman

Laura Tuttle

Thesis: “Antiplatelet agents for the prevention of arteriovenous fistula and graft thrombosis: A meta analysis”
Advisor: Dr. C. Michael White


Michael John Lanosa

Thesis: “Styrene-induced sensory irritation: Role of metabolism and modulation by adenosine”
Advisor: Dr. John B. Morris

Payal Nemi Kotadiya

Thesis: “Effects of garlic on blood pressure: A meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials”
Advisor: Dr. C. Michael White

Michael Lombardo

Thesis: “Staphylococcus aureus: Explaining trimethoprim resistance and the development of new DHFR inhibitors.”
Advisor: Dr. Amy C. Anderson


Deborah A. Cios

The Safety of Bitter-Orange, Coenzyme Q10 and Echinecea in Healthy Volunteers.
Advisor: Dr. C. Michael White

Jenny Marie Lipeika

The Electrocardiographic and Hemodynamic Effects of the Herbal Remedies Coenzyme Q10 and Echinecia.
Advisor: Dr. Lauren S. Schlesselman

Malgorzata Michalowska-Suterska

Behavioral Changes in Non-transgenic Versus Transgenic Alzheimer Mice.
Advisor: Dr. Ben A. Bahr

Katherine Sara Nowak

Subcellular Localization of Receptor-Regulating Proteins.
Advisor: Dr. Brian J. Aneskievich

Kristen Rychalsky

The Adenosine A2A Agonist CGS 21680 Induces Tremulous Jaw Movements in Rats: Studies with Intracranial and Intraperitoneal Injections.
Advisor: Dr. John Salamone (Psychology)

Charles Paul Struzynski

Recognition, Isolation, and Functionial Analysis of Transcriptionally Active Elements in the Gene Promotor of a Nuclear Receptor Co-Regulator.
Advisor: Dr. Brian J. Aneskievich

Ryan Patrick Vaughan

Potential Role of Adenosine Signaling in Acetic Acid Activation of Murine Sensory Neurons.
Advisor: Dr. John B. Morris

Kelly Xiaohang Zhang

Protection Against Protein Accumulation-Induced Synaptic Changes Through Lysosomal Modulation.
Advisor: Dr. Ben A. Bahr


Crystal Bissonnette

Impact of appropriate antibacterial therapy on duration of hospitalization in pediatric patients with MRSA infections: A pilot study.
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Voisine

In situ fiber optic method for long-term in vitro release testing of microspheres.
Advisor: Dr. Diane Burgess


Logan Vasina

The Characterization of Van: An Investigation into the Cellular Localization, Co-regulation and Protein Interaction of a Novel Protein in Keratinocytes.
Advisor: Dr. Brian Aneskievich


Pauline Rafferty

Calcium Precipitation in the Intestine
Advisor: Dr. Robin Bogner

Rachel Sykes

Retrospective Comparison of Lipid Amphoterian B Complex (ABLC) and Liposomoal Amphotericin B (L-AMB) in the Pediatric Population
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Ellis


Jen Lee

Self-efficacy and knowledge of Connecticut pharmacists concerning nutritional supplementation.
Advisors: Dr. Pat Neafsey, Dr. Marla Campell, Dr. Neil Facchinetti

Zohra Salehi

Effects of silica particles on viability of mouse macrophages and epithelial cells.
Advisor: Andrea Hubbard


Karen Hoang

Effect of plant stress on the production of the isoflavone genistin in soybean, a nutraceutical.
Advisor: Dr. Carol Auer (Plant Science)

Alexandra Piotrowski

An evaluation of the Electrocardiographic and Hemodynamic Effects of Ginkgo biloba.
Advisor: Dr. C. Michael White


Terri Hersey

The Killing Activity of Levofloxacin 500 and 750 mg vs. Two Genetically Defined P.aeroginosa and one Clinical Strain in an in vitro Infection Model.
Advisor:Dr. Jeffrey Aeschlimann


Rabab Ammar

Evaluation of the Electrocardiographic and Hemodynamic Effects of Caffeine
Advisor: Dr. C. Michael White

Tien Bo

Investigating the Internet’s Potential in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth A. Speranza, Sr.

Sum Lam

Fragmentation of Acetylated-a-Tubulin in Hippocampal Neurons Following Lysosomal Disturbances
Advisor:Dr. Ben Bahr

Christopher Nocera

Utilizing Genotypical Data within the Population Pharmacokinetic Process as a Covariate: Dextromethorphan Metabolism via 2D6.
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Sweeney

Joshua Olsen

Sensory Nerve-Mediated Airway Reflex Responses to Vapor Phase Irritants of Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Normal and Asthmatic Mice
Advisor: Dr. John Morris


Lauren Aleksunes

Cisplatin-Induced Kidney Injury
Advisor: Dr. Steven Cohen


Lai-Ting Louie

Investigations into the Antimicrobial Activity of Several Chinese Medicinal Herbs.
Advisor: Dr. James Bobbit (Chemistry)


Kim Nguyen

Effects of Activators of Peroxisome Proliferators Activated Receptor Alpha on Susceptibility to the Action of Model Hepatoxins
Advisor: Dr. José Manautou

Debra Scavone

The Potential for Career Opportunities in Managed Care Pharmacy
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth A. Speranza, Sr.

Ethan Stier

Interaction of Malononitrile Probes with Enteric Coating Polymers
Advisor: Dr. Robin Bogner

Kimberly Walter

Population Approaches in Pharmacokinetics
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Sweeney


Donna Albanese

Viscosity Characterization of Polytheylene Glycol Aqueous Solutions
Advisor: Dr. Robin Bogner

Todd Alekshun

Transport of Fluoroquinolone and Cephalosporiin Antibiotics Across an In Vitro Model of the Blood Brain Barrier
Advisor: Dr. Donna Fournier

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