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University of Connecticut SCHOOL OF PHARMACY

A Tradition of Excellence: Preparing Leaders in Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Since 1925

Pharmacy LEADERS Track

In the rapidly changing and increasingly complex environment of health care, the profession of pharmacy is seeking to identify the leaders of tomorrow. Today’s employees demand more involvement in decisions that impact them, thus necessitating a willingness to solicit ideas, to listen, to abandon the notion of having “all the answers.” An orientation towards collaborative teams requires development of leadership skills and new behaviors and knowledge for every team member, along with restructuring of the top-down hierarchies of the past to a flatter, leaner, and more decentralized operation.

Recent and pending legislative changes are advancing the role of pharmacists on the healthcare team. Pharmacists will now serve in leadership roles that foster interprofessional relationships in order to advocate for the best care of the patient and to advocate for the future of the profession.

The UConn School of Pharmacy strives to help identify and distinguish pharmacy leaders prior to graduation, preparing them to serve as health care leaders today and in the future. The school has developed classroom, experiential, and co-curricular opportunities to develop essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Along with programs available to all students, the school offers the Pharmacy LEADERS Track. The Pharmacy LEADERS Track is intended to expand the breadth and depth of the education, experiences, and opportunities of an impressive group of student leaders to ensure UConn School of Pharmacy graduates are the pharmacy leaders addressing the healthcare needs of today and tomorrow.

School of Pharmacy
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