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University of Connecticut SCHOOL OF PHARMACY

A Tradition of Excellence: Preparing Leaders in Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Since 1925

Graduate Students

Last Name First Name Email Address Location Group
Andhariya Janki PBB 522 Burgess
Beringhs Andre PBB 411 Lu
Bhanu Meera PBB 619 Kendall
Carvalho Fabio PBB 517 Manautou
Costa Antonio PBB 522 Burgess
deMayo James PBB 611 Balunas
Dopart Rachel PBB 611 Kendall
Estrada Alexavier PBB 610 Anderson
Falcone Eric PBB 610 Anderson
Fang Rui PBB 418 Bogner
Fontana Lauren PBB 416/422 Kalonia/Pikal
Gonzalez Laura PBB 411 Lu
Gromek Samantha PBB 611 Balunas
Gu Bing PBB 423/425 Burgess
Gupta Anand PBB 522 Burgess
Hajian Behnoush PBB 611 Balunas
Hargrove Derek PBB 411 Lu
Jog Rajan PBB 423/425 Burgess
Katyal Priya PBB 604 Vinogradova
Kaur Japneet PBB 419 Kalonia
Kejriwal Rishabh PBB 623 Kendall
Khurana Leepakshi PBB 619 Kendall
Kleppe Mary PBB 418 Bogner
Kulkarni Shreya PBB 418 Bogner
Li Jin PBB 504 Wiemer
Lin Xiaochen PBB 604 Vinogradova
Lombardo Michael PBB 612 Anderson
Manchanda Arushi PBB 422 Bogner
Mao Yuxia PBB 416 Kalonia
Maschinot Chad PBB 512 Hadden
Minatovicz Bruna PBB 416 Chaudhuri
Mukherjee Raj PBB 502 Chaudhuri
Nguyen Khiem PBB 604 Vinogradova
Pace Jennifer PBB 512 Hadden
Pande Parimal PBB 230 Zhong
Piekos Stephanie PBB 230 Zhong
Pindrus Mariya PBB 416 Kalonia
Pope Chad PBB 230 Zhong
Prabhakar Bindu PBB 523 Rasmussen
Price Claire PBB 522 Burgess
Raut Ashlesha PBB 416 Kalonia
Reeve Stephanie PBB 603 Wright
Sane Pooja PBB 422 Bogner
Scialis Renato Off Campus Manautou
Scocchera Eric PBB 603 Wright
Shamilov Rambon PBB 516 Aneskievich
Song Donghui PBB 411 Lu
Sen Koyal PBB 502 Chaudhuri
Su Sherry PBB 504 Wiemer
Suh Min sung PBB 522 Burgess
Tran Kim PBB 418 Bogner
Wickersham Kyle PBB 603 Wright
Zecca Elizabeth PBB 416 Kalonia
School of Pharmacy
69 N Eagleville Rd
Storrs, CT 06269
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