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Pharmacy News Flash

How Persistence With Anticoagulants Can Help Save Lives

Craig I. Coleman, Pharm.D., discussed with Adam Hochron, a recent study looking at some of the more popular anticoagulants on the market and how effective they are when patients follow the recommended dosage, and also what it can mean when the prescription is not followed. The topic was presented during the American Heart Association’s annual meeting.

Cough! Is it Cancer?

Visiting Professor Jeannette Wick discusses coughs and identifying its underlying cause in Pharmacy Times.

The Threat of a Post-Antibiotic Era

Dr. Michael Nailor joins Colin McEnroe on WNPR for a discussion about drug-resistant bacteria.

Quick Quiz: Calcium and Cardiovascular Risk

Dr. Marissa Salvo presents a case for you to solve on the website.  JS, a 68-year-old female, is a long-time customer of your pharmacy. She comes in today to drop off a new prescription for alendronate. During the encounter, she shares with you that her “bones are weak” and that she needs to start taking this medication weekly.


Oncology Drugs and the Elements

Lisa Holle, assistant clinical professor in the School of Pharmacy and a board-certified oncology pharmacist, discusses precautions patients must take when receiving cancer medication on NBC 30 News.


The Agony and Utility of Ecstasy

“Molly” is the nickname for MDMA, or Ecstasy, and it’s short for “Molecule”, meaning you’re getting the “real thing”, chemically speaking. Except you almost never do. On this show, we’ll talk about the dangers of Molly, the medical uses of MDMA, and the curious romance between the drug and the form of music known as EDM, Electronic Dance Music.


“Face Connecticut” Features Segment on Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Jeffrey Aeschlimann of the UConn School of Pharmacy and Dr. Kevin Dieckhaus, co-chairs of the Antimicrobial Stewardship program at the UConn Health Center, were featured on the October 13th edition of the radio show “Face Connecticut” that airs on WTIC NewsTalk 1080 (6:05 a.m.) and 96.5 TIC-FM (5 a.m.). The duo discussed the problem […]


Dr. Marie Smith Moderates TEDMED Greatest Challenge

Dr. Marie Smith from the UConn School of Pharmacy moderated a TEDMED GREATEST CHALLENGES online event, “Faster Adoption of Best Practices,” on March 7, 2013 from 1pm-2pm. These TEDMED Greatest Challenges are sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and bring together thought leaders from prestigious and diverse backgrounds in health care.


Live Health Chat – The Courant
Effects Of Pharmaceutical Companies’ Advertisements On People’s Health

On March 10 we talked about the effects of pharmaceutical companies’ advertising of drugs on people’s health.  Our panelists were Dr. Michael M. Krinsky, M.D., a neurologist in Bloomfield and president-elect of the Connecticut State Medical Society; Mike White, Pharm.D. and associate professor of Pharmacy at University of Connecticut and director of the UConn-Hartford Hospital Evidence-based Practice Center; and Lisa Gill, editor of Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs.


Live Health Chat – The Courant
Drug Interactions: Common Drug Interactions, How To Avoid Them

On Thursday, Feb. 10 we discussed drug interactions — how patients taking prescription medicines can avoid problems with other medications including over-the-counter cold and flu remedies; how drug interactions occur; the leading drugs involved in drug interactions; and how progress in drug development could help address the problem of drug interactions. Our panel of experts included Stefanie C. Nigro, Pharm.D., C-TTS, CNWC, assistant clinical professor at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, who practices primary/ambulatory care at the Community Health Center in New Britain; and Laura Hobbs, Pharm.D., BCPS, pharmacy clinical coordinator and director of the pharmacy residency program at Hartford Hospital; and Flora Harp, PharmD, community practice resident for CVS/pharmacy.


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