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University of Connecticut SCHOOL OF PHARMACY

A Tradition of Excellence: Preparing Leaders in Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Since 1925


Our research touches patients’ lives by establishing new modes of care, improving care for those with limited means, providing new treatments for chronic diseases, and assessing comparative effectiveness and/or cost effectiveness of interventions.

Full Service Outcomes Researchers

The Health Outcomes, Policy, and Evidence Synthesis (HOPES) Collaborative Group is constituted by faculty including Craig Coleman, Pharm.D., Diana Sobieraj, Pharm.D., William Baker, Pharm.D., BCPS, Lauren Schlesselman, Pharm.D., and C. Michael White, Pharm.D. is one of the premier outcomes research groups in the country performing systematic reviews, clinical trials, modeling studies, observational studies, and educational assessment projects. With collaborators in the University of Connecticut Health Center, Hartford Hospital, and UConn CHIP Center, they have a varied set of skills and acumen that can be applied to clinical dilemmas. They are currently an Evidence-based Practice Center (one of only 14 centers designated by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality). Members of the research group have received the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Drug Therapy Research Award for the Best Research Publication by a Pharmacist six times since the year 2000, three members (White, Coleman, Baker) are past recipients of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy Young Investigator Award, and Lauren Schlesselman, Pharm.D. is a past Lyman Award Winner for the best publication in the American Journal of Pharmacy Education. Members have published over 300 articles and published in most major medical journals including JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, and Lancet); as well as many major medical subspecialty journals (Circulation, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Diabetes Care, Lancet: Infectious Diseases, Pediatrics, American Heart Journal, Heart Rhythm) and all major pharmacy journals. Over 20 books or book chapters have been written by members of the group. Their research has been covered in major media outlets including the Today Show, ABC Nightly News, CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, USA Today, Tribune Newspapers, Bloomberg TV, and the BBC.

Health Services Research

In this area we have preeminent researchers in Medication Therapy Management; clinical research strength in psychiatric, geriatric, and infectious disease pharmacy; and a large number of clinical faculty who contribute to scholarship by developing comprehensive review articles that summarize new paradigms in disease management and comparisons of different drug regimens that aid clinicians in treating patients. The The PeRformance Improvement for Safe Medication Management (PRISM) Collaborative brings together a unique group of stakeholders to transform healthcare in Connecticut by integrating pharmacists in medication management through innovations in education, practice-based research, health care policy, and team-based care delivery. Look under people to see what each of our faculty members are passionate about and what we have achieved in this area.

MTM/Primary Care

Marie Smith, Pharm.D. is the Dr. Henry A. Palmer Endowed Professor in Community Pharmacy establishing new modes of medication therapy management and the pharmacist-inclusive medical home. Thomas Buckley, BS Pharm, MPH is a renowned researcher in promoting pharmaceutical care and models of collaborative practice, especially in underserved communities. Major awards include the APhA Pinnacle Award (Smith, Buckley), ASHP Leadership Award (Buckley), and the ASHP Award for Innovation in Pharmacy Practice (Smith). Their work has been cited by national organizations as exemplars of contemporary pharmacy practice including the US Surgeon General’s report on the future of pharmacy and published in prestigious places such as Health Affairs. They have spearheaded work to validate the impact of pharmacists as immunizers, closing the loop with our other faculty that work legislatively and through professional development to make the expanded scope of immunization practice a success.

Devra Dang, Pharm.D., Fei Wang, Pharm.D., Lisa Holle, Pharm.D., Marissa Salvo, Pharm.D., Kate Wheeler, Pharm.D., Jill Fitzgerald, Pharm.D., and Philip Hritcko, Pharm.D. have contributed numerous publications and national presentations in the area of ambulatory/primary care pharmacy services. These projects have been funded by the Centers for Disease Control, Connecticut Department of Public Health, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, and private foundations and haveresulted in over 50 publications to date, mostly in pharmacy journals.

Psychiatric Pharmacy

Since the 1970s the Department of Pharmacy Practice has been a leader in psychiatric (Emeritus Faculty Alex Cardoni, BS Pharm, MS) and geriatric (Emeritus Faculty Dennis Chapron, BS Pharm, MS) scholarship and practice. Charles Caley, Pharm.D. conducts clinical projects and writes summative reviews about many areas of psychiatric pharmacy practice including the emerging role of genomics in psychiatry, safety related issues involving antipsychotic and antidepressant medication, and the incorporation of comprehensive medication management into psychiatric pharmacy. Dr. Caley has a strong publication and platform presentation record with nearly 40 peer reviewed publications in major psychiatric journals (American Journal of Psychiatry, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology) and most clinical pharmacy journals. He has over 175 invited presentations delivered locally, regionally and nationally.

Geriatric Pharmacy

Sean Jeffery, Pharm.D., Kevin Chamberlin, Pharm.D., and Rachel Eyler, Pharm.D. lead scholarship projects in the area of geriatrics. This includes funding from federal and industrial sources with particular focus on the recently completed Multidisciplinary Education in Diabetes and Intervention for Cardiac Risk Reduction (MEDIC) trial. This is a 4-year, randomized study on pharmacist interventions in elderly patients with diabetes that received $306,800 in funding. They have a strong publication record with over 50 publications which includes writing or revising a majority of the book chapters on, the training modules for the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Certification Program.

Infectious Disease Pharmacy

Jennifer Girotto, Pharm.D., Michael Nailor, Pharm.D., and Jeffrey Aeschlimann, Pharm.D. are infectious disease specialists. They have had projects funded from numerous foundations (including subcontracts on AHRQ and Cystic Fibrosis Foundations) and the pharmaceutical industry with over 40 publications to date including publications in major pediatric (Pediatrics), surgical (American Journal of Surgery), and infectious disease (Clinical Infectious Disease) journals as well as most major pharmacy journals.

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