Dean Halpert Appoints New Associate Deans

Dean James R. Halpert announced the appointment of two, new associate deans in the UConn School of Pharmacy. With long-time associate dean Andrea Hubbard’s decision to return to the faculty, it was decided that two new positions would be created to fill the void. After an extensive internal search process, Halpert appointed Lauren Schlesselman, M.A., Pharm.D., as associate dean for academic affairs and Phil Hritcko, Pharm.D., CACP, RPh. as associate dean of admissions and student services. “With these new appointments our ability to continue to attract the top pharmacy students in New England and to provide a first class didactic and experiential curriculum will be enhanced significantly,” said Halpert.

 Schlesselman’s role as assistant dean for academic and strategic initiatives was developed to enhance the reputation of the School of Pharmacy by promoting excellence in our curriculum, continuing professional development, and relationships with alumni and external stakeholders. In her new role as associate dean, Schlesselman will oversee and coordinate activities associated with the academic experience of our professional pharmacy students. These include establishing and implementing standards for academic performance and progression, a curriculum intended to prepare graduates to become generalist practitioners while offering unique pathway options, addressing the ways by which curricular content is taught and learned, instituting a system of curriculum outcome and institutional effectiveness assessment, along with advancing our school’s reputation, image and brand regionally, nationally, and internationally. She will also oversee both the Office of Pharmacy Professional Development and the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Schlesselman brings superb credentials to her new role. She coordinates the school’s pharmacy LEADERS track and offers an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in leadership. At the university level, she is a University of Connecticut Teaching Scholar, has written the assessment portion of the NEASC fifth year review report, and presented for the Institute for Teaching and Learning on the pedagogy of Twitter. At the national level, she serves as a site team member for ACPE accreditation visits, is a member of the AJPE editorial board, and is a member of the CAPE editorial board. Within the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), she has served as chair of the Assessment, Curriculum, and Laboratory Instructor SIGs, as secretary of the Assessment SIG, and as a member of the Council of Faculties Faculty Affairs Committee task force. She has also completed the AACP Academic Leadership Fellows Program.

Hritcko has served with distinction for 12 years as head of the Office of Experiential Education, initially as director and more recently as assistant dean. He and his team have overseen preceptor recruitment, development, and assessment as well as managed our practice sites and affiliation agreements for both the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences and the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. In his new role, Hritcko will be responsible for all student affairs activities and services, including recruitment programs, administration of the admissions and progression processes, maintenance of student records, academic advising, career pathway counseling, and advising Pharmacy Student Government and student organizations. He will continue to oversee the Office of Experiential Education.

Hritcko brings a vast amount of experience in practice, academia, and leadership to his new role. In addition to his experience as assistant dean for experiential education, associate clinical professor of pharmacy practice, and former assistant department head, he has achieved both regional and national recognition for his work in the area of experiential education. He has just recently completed leadership terms as speaker of the House of Delegates for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and immediate-past president of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association. He also was selected and participated in the AACP Academic Leadership Fellows Program and the UConn Service-Learning Academic Fellows program. Hritcko also has extensive pharmacy practice experience in both the community and ambulatory care settings prior to joining the UConn School of Pharmacy.