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Marcy Balunas

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    • (860) 486-3051
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    • (860) 486-6857
  • Office
    • School of Pharmacy
      Room 630
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    • University of Connecticut
      Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      69 North Eagleville Road
      Storrs, CT 06269-3092

Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

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Educational Background

  • B.A. University of Rochester, Chemistry & Biology
  • M.S. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Plant Ecology
  • Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago, Pharmacognosy
  • Postdoctoral Training: Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Smithsonian Tropical Research
    Institute, Marine Natural Products Chemistry

Research Interests

  • Selectivity-based anti-parasitic and anti-cancer drug discovery from marine bacteria
  • Synthetic modifications of natural product isolates
  • Elicitation of silent biosynthetic pathways in cold-obligate and tunicate-associated bacteria

Selected Publications

  • Pavlik, C.M., Wong, C.Y.B., Ononye, S., Lopez, D.D., Engene, N., McPhail, K.L., Gerwick, W.H., Balunas, M.J. (2013) Santacruzamate A, a potent and isozyme selective histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor from the Panamanian marine cyanobacterium cf. Symploca sp., J. Nat. Prod. 76, 2026-2033.
  • Gerwick, L., Boudreau, P., Choi, H., Mascuch, S., Villa, F.A., Balunas, M.J., Malloy, K., Teasdale, M.E., Rowley, D.C., Gerwick, W.H. (2013) Interkingdom signaling by structurally related cyanobacterial and algal secondary metabolites, Phytochem. Rev. 12, 459-465.
  • Balunas, M.J., Grosso, M.F., Villa, F.A., Engene, N., McPhail, K.L., Tidgewell, K., Pineda, L.M., Gerwick, L., Spadafora, C., Kyle, D.E., Gerwick, W.H. (2012) Coibacins A-D, antileishmanial marine cyanobacterial polyketides with intriguing biosynthetic origins, Org. Lett. 14, 3878-3881.
  • Balunas, M.J., Kinghorn, A.D. (2010) Natural product compounds with aromatase inhibitory activity: An update, Planta Med. 76, 1087-1093.
  • Balunas, M.J., Linington, R.G., Tidgewell, K., Fenner, A.M., Ureña, L.D., Kyle, D.E., Gerwick, W.H. (2010) Dragonamide E, a modified linear lipopeptide from Lyngbya majuscula with antileishmanial activity, J. Nat. Prod. 73, 60-66.
  • Balunas, M.J., Su, B., Brueggemeier, R.W., Kinghorn, A.D. (2008) Xanthones from the botanical dietary supplement mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) with aromatase inhibitory activity, J. Nat. Prod. 71, 1161-1166.