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University of Connecticut SCHOOL OF PHARMACY

A Tradition of Excellence: Preparing Leaders in Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Since 1925


The Pharmacy Library supports the information and research needs of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the School of Pharmacy.  Access to the collections and services of the Pharmacy Library is available to the university community and other library users.  The Pharmacy Library is open year round, but hours of operation vary when classes are not in session and during summer and winter terms.

The library seating area has individual study lamps and workstations offering network connections and power for laptops.  There are four group study rooms, also equipped with data and power.  These provide a meeting place for pharmacy students to work on group assignments while still having immediate access to reference materials.

The Hait Family Computer Laboratory, located inside the library, provides a venue for the pharmacy students to master professional, technological, and research skills by providing access to the internet and to specific course related software as requested.

Pharmacy Research Materials

Items in the collections are listed in the University of Connecticut Libraries’ online catalog, HOMER.  Additional electronic journals may be located using the electronic journal locator.  Assistance in locating Pharmacy Library materials is available at the Pharmacy Library Service Desk.  If the Pharmacy Library does not own specific materials that a student, faculty or staff member is seeking, material may be requested through Document Delivery/Inter-library Loan or it may be purchased, as appropriate.

Borrowing Policies

A valid University of Connecticut identification is required to borrow circulating books in the Pharmacy Library collections.  Circulation policies, including loan period, are consistent with those of the University of Connecticut Libraries.  Detailed policies may be found on the UConn Libraries’ website.  Library patron records are confidential.

Reserve materials are shelved behind the service desk.  Reserve materials may not leave the Pharmacy Library, except with permission of the pharmacy librarian.  An ID must be provided to borrow the reserve materials.

Staff Assistance

General help with library use is provided by student assistants at the Pharmacy Library Service Desk.  The pharmacy librarian provides more specific reference and research assistance and is available for individual research consultations.

Formal library instruction sessions for the pharmacy community are provided upon request.  These sessions are offered for academic classes, research groups or special seminars. The pharmacy librarian schedules this training upon request.

Pharmacy Library & Hait Family Computer Laboratory Equipment Policies

There are four networked computers, in the Pharmacy Library, which are available to access library research and related materials.  Access to Medline, Micromedex, IPA, Web of Science, SciFinder Scholar, and hundreds of additional databases is provided.  Due to the limited number of computers, priorities have been set for their use.  First priority is research database and catalog use.  Secondary priority is WebCT and course e-mail.  Last priority is personal use.  A person using one of the networked computers may be asked to defer to someone with a higher priority need.  The library’s networked computers are governed by the University of Connecticut President’s Policy on Harassment.  This precludes the displaying of images or text that may be interpreted as intimidating, hostile or offensive.

There are thirty [30] networked computers in the Hait Family Computer Laboratory to provide access to web based resources, including WebCT, Microsoft Word, and other class software as assigned.  The classroom is also available for hands-on pharmacy classes and computer workshops.


There is a networked laser printer in the Pharmacy Library.  Per page charges for printing apply.  Current rates are available at the Pharmacy Library Service Desk.  Payment is made exclusively using One Card Husky Bucks.


A photocopier is located in the Pharmacy Library.  Current rates are available at the Pharmacy Library Service Desk.  Payment is made exclusively using One Card Husky Bucks.

AV Equipment

The Pharmacy Library maintains some AV equipment that may be reserved or signed out for classroom use.


Course related videos may be viewed in the Pharmacy Library.

Library Usage

It is expected that library patrons will use the facility in a manner that is respectful of library staff, equipment, and other patrons.  Since there is a demand for quiet study areas with access to library materials, patrons should speak softly and groups should use the group study rooms whenever possible.  Library users should step out of the pharmacy library, to use cellular telephones.

In order to keep the collections and facilities clean, eating is prohibited in the library.  Drinks are permitted only in classroom approved, covered containers.  No food or drink of any kind is permitted in the Hait Family Computer Laboratory.

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