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Xiao-bo Zhong

  • E-Mail
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    • (860) 486-3697
  • Fax
    • (860) 486-2076
  • Office
    • School of Pharmacy
      Room 538
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    • University of Connecticut
      Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      69 North Eagleville Road
      Storrs, CT 06269-3092

Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology

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Educational Background

  • B.S. Peking University, Biology
  • M.S. Wageningen University, Biotechnology
  • Ph.D. Wageningen University, Molecular Biology & Genetics
  • Postdoctoral Training: Yale University

Research Interests

  • Pharmacogenetics, pharmacoepigenetics, and personalized medicine
  • Developmental pharmacology
  • Epigenetic regulation of cytochrome P450s

Selected Publications

  • Peng, L., Yoo, B., Gunewardena, S.S., Lu, H., Klaassen, C.D., and Zhong, X.B. (2012) RNA-Seq reveals dynamic changes of mRNA abundance of cytochrome P450s and their alternative transcripts during liver development, Drug Metab. Dispos. 40(6), 1198-1209.
  • Sugimura, R., He, X.C., Venkatraman, A., Arai, F., Box, A., Semerad, C., Haug, J.S., Peng, L., Zhong, X.B., Suda, T., and Li, L. (2012) Non-canonical Wnt signaling maintains hematopoietic stem cells through flamingo and frizzled8 interaction in the niche, Cell, 150(2), 351-365.
  • Li, D., Gaedigk, R., Hart, S.N., Leeder, J.S., and Zhong, X.B. (2012) The role of CYP3A4 mRNA transcript with shortened 3’-UTR in hepatocyte differentiation, liver development, and response to drug induction, Mol. Pharmacol. 81(1), 86-96.
  • Hart, S.N., Li, Y., Nakamoto, K., Subileau, E., Steen, D., and Zhong, X.B. (2010) A comparison of whole genome gene expression profiles of HepaRG cells and HepG2 cells to primary human hepatocytes and human liver tissues, Drug Metab. Dispos. 38(6), 988-994.
  • Li, Y., Cui, Y., Hart, S.N., Klaassen, C.D., and Zhong, X.B. (2009) Dynamic histone methylation is associated with ontogenic expression of Cyp3a genes during mouse liver maturation, Mol. Pharmacol. 75(5), 1171-1179.
  • Hart, S.N., Wang, S., Nakamoto, K., Wesselman, C., Li, Y., and Zhong, X.B. (2008) Genetic polymorphisms in cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase influence microsomal P450-catelyzed drug metabolism. Pharmacogenet Genomics 18(1), 11-24.