Month: February 2017

Is Pharmacy Right for Me?

students in UConn Pharmacy Lecture class

After the initial pre-pharmacy years (freshman and sophomore years) balancing coursework alongside rotations in the first professional year (Professional year 1 or the equivalent of junior year) can be challenging but students do have time to enjoy sports and personally fulfilling extra curricular activities. Classes and faculty become family and there are plenty of opportunities for clubs, community events, and socials that add variety and depth to the experience. Our location close to Boston, New York and Providence also allows for easy excursions off campus.

The rewards of being a part of our program are many. School of Pharmacy staff and faculty work closely with students every step of the way. Helping you to an education that  leads to rewarding work after graduation is our goal.

UConn pharmacy students in the lab

What are Pharmaceutical Sciences?

Student in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The pharmaceutical sciences track will provide pharmacy students with greater exposure to the pharmaceutical sciences and related research. This track is designed to help students that are considering working as a pharmacist for a pharmaceutical company or planning to pursue a joint Pharm.D./Ph.D. degree.

This flexible track allows a wide range of options designed to fit each student's goals and is designed for easy integration with existing science minors and the pharmacy honors program.

Please let us know if you have a special interest. We are happy to set you up to talk with one of our professors. Email

Find more information is available in our Pharmaceutical Sciences brochure.

Why UConn Pharmacy?

UConn Pharmacy Student in lecture

The University of Connecticut is a Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning Research I (RI) institution (indicating extensive research activity) as well as one of the nation’s land grant and sea grant colleges. In addition to teaching, faculty members are expected to engage in research and other scholarly activities. Service and outreach are also essential components of the faculty’s mission. You can learn more about some of our faculty and research via the School of Pharmacy page on UConn Today.

The UConn School of Pharmacy affords students the opportunity to pursue the highly regarded Doctor of Pharmacy [Pharm.D] degree, dual Pharm.D. degree programs, as well as the vibrant and dynamic graduate programs available in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences with concentrations in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, and pharmacology and toxicology.

The campus is nestled between New York City (3 hours), Boston (2 hours), Hartford (45 minutes) and Providence (1 hour) allowing easy access to both international and national airline services. Please visit the main UConn webpage to learn more about the University's vibrant and diverse community.

The video below will give you an an aerial view of our beautiful campus.

Ask the Pharmacist

In a major public-private partnership, the UConn School of Pharmacy and Fox Connecticut teamed up to bring you the “Ask the Pharmacist” segment on their morning newscast. During these segments, we bring you timely and informative information to improve your lives, save money, and become more informed about your health and the health of your loved ones. This is another example of how the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy exemplifies “Caring in Your Community.”  These segments are coordinated by C. Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP professor and head of the Department of Pharmacy Practice.

While we hope you find this general information helpful, your individual health decisions should be made in concert with your own caregivers (pharmacist, physician, nurse) and while segments are up to date at the time of airing, may be supplanted by newer information in the future.