Is Pharmacy Right for Me?

Kailey Mandigo and Mandy
Kailey Mandigo volunteers with the UConn Dairy Club to care for and train Mandy.

Pharmacy students work hard. After the initial pre-pharmacy years (freshman and sophomore years) balancing coursework alongside rotations in the first professional year (Professional year 1 or the equivalent of junior year) can be challenging but students can enjoy sports and personally fulfilling extra curricular activities, many do. See, for example, left, pharmacy student Kailey Mandigo who volunteered to help raise a calf at one of UConn’s barns.

Most students say that the experiences they are getting in research and in the field working with patients outweighs any perceived sacrifices in the social arena. Classes and faculty become family and there are plenty of opportunities for clubs, community events, and socials that add variety and depth to the experience.

Our program looks for students that have demonstrated an ability to handle rigorous work successfully. Once in the program School of Pharmacy staff and faculty work closely with students every step of the way.

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