The University of Connecticut Pharmacy-Biology Building was designed by Davis, Brody Bond Architects of New York, and was constructed at a cost of $94.6 million dollars. The building location, in the center of the University Science Quadrangle, was chosen to put chemistry, engineering, pharmacy, physics, biology, and the other sciences in close proximity to one another. A three-story glass atrium serves as the primary entrance, but the building also offers a direct connection to the Torrey Life Sciences Building.

The building houses the School of Pharmacy, and the faculty from the Departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) and Physiology and Neurobiology (PNB), as well as the Office for Animal Research Services. The Pharmacy-Biology Building is approximately 221,000 square feet (gross) with the School of Pharmacy’s teaching, administration and library spaces occupying approximately 64,000 square feet and the research laboratories occupying 90,000 square feet.

Construction on the building began in July 2002 as part of the UConn 2000 building projects. School of Pharmacy faculty, staff, and students moved into the facility during the summer of 2005. The six-story building has a north and south wing separated by an atrium. The upper floors of the south wing contain the administrative, faculty, and staff offices, as well as teaching spaces used by the School of Pharmacy. The north wing contains six floors of research laboratories shared by pharmacy and biology. A loading dock area with freight elevator access is also located in the north wing.