The building has two main classrooms located on the first floor. A third, smaller classroom is located on the third floor of the building.
A photo of the Oscar & Julia Roth Classroom

Oscar & Julia Roth Classroom

The Oscar & Julia Roth Classroom [PBB 131] is a sloped classroom with fixed seating and a work surface that includes power and a network connection so that students can use their laptops. This high-tech classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment that allows broadcasting and viewing live seminars to/from off campus locations.
A photo of the Milton & Rose Kalmanowitz Classroom

Milton & Rose Kalmanowitz Classroom

The Milton & Rose Kalmanowitz Classroom [PBB 129] is a flexible space with desks that can be reconfigured. The classroom is equipped with a moveable partition that allows the room to be divided into two separate classrooms for smaller class size instruction. The room is also used for classes that require floor space such as CPR training. High-tech equipment is located on both sides of the classroom.
A photo of the James M. Faucette Classroom.

James M. Faucette Classroom

The James M. Faucette Classroom [PBB 338], located on the third floor, is used for smaller classes, including graduate courses, and mid-sized meetings. The classroom contains configurable tables and individual chairs to accommodate a theater-style and u-shaped arrangements. A mounted projector and web access is provided for instructors.