Pediatric Track

About the Pediatric Track

The Pediatric Track consists of experiential, research, and outreach activities to enhance the students understanding and application of what it means to be a pediatric pharmacy practitioner. Students applying into the track must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and may apply at the end of their P1 spring, P2 fall, or P2 spring year.

After acceptance into the track, students will work with Dr. Jennifer Girotto to learn more about pediatric pharmacy practice, ensure that they are meeting the requirements, and create outreach activities as well as a research project. At graduation, students who fulfill the requirements of the track will be recognized as Pediatric Pharmacy Scholars.


Outreach Project
This project is designed to help students spread awareness of health-related topics in the community. Examples include teaching a classroom of students about the cold or asthma, or working with school nurses to improve healthcare in schools.

Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Elective (PHRX 5050)
There are multiple courses that fulfil the didactic requirement, but most student choose to take this 2 credit course where students will learn more about the field of pediatrics and the different pharmacotherapy that is involved.

Research Project
Students are required to complete a research project in pediatric pharmacotherapy. Some examples of prior projects involve looking into hospital policy regarding pediatric pharmacy or analyzing the validity of current treatment guidelines. Each student is required to present their research at a national meeting.

Service Learning Hours
Each student is required to conduct 60 hours of IPPE service learning in the area of pediatrics during the P2 or P3 year.

Pediatric APPE Rotations
Students must complete a minimum of 3 one-month clinical pediatric rotations at two or more sites. The experience is used to expose the pediatric scholar to general pediatrics, pediatric ID, pediatric critical care (NICU/PICU), and/or complicated pediatric patients. These rotations will be completed during the P4 year.

Application Steps

Interested applicants should fill out the attached Pediatric Track application form and email to Dr. Grotto.


Dr. Jennifer Girotto, Pharm.D.
Associate Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Pediatrics
PHONE (860) 837-5589