Pre-Pharmacy Courses at Connecticut Community Colleges

The following is a proposed schedule for the first pre-professional year in the Connecticut Community College System.  The sophomore-level science prerequisite coursework should be taken at a bachelor-degree granting university or college.  Please contact the Professional Program Office with any questions or concerns.

First Pre-Professional Year – Fall Semester

Course Number Course Name
BIO 121 Priciples of Biology1
CHE 121 General Chemistry
MAT 250 Calculus 1
ECN 102 Microeconomics

First Pre-Professional Year – Spring Semester

Course Number Course Name
CHE 122 General Chemistry
PHY 121 General Physics
GER – CA4 (6 cr.) Multiculturalism (1, 3 cr course) & Diversity Course (1, 3 cr course)*
GER – CA1 (6 cr.) Arts & Humanities* (two, 3 -credit courses)
ENG 101 & 103 Seminar in Academic Writing

Consider UConn, the Connecticut State University System, or another bachelor-degree granting college/university for fulfilling the sophomore-level requirements

Prerequisite UConn Equivalent
Microbiology (4 Cr)* MCB 2610
Human Anatomy & Physiology1 & 2 (8 cr) PNB 2264 & 2265 or PNB 2274 & 2275
Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 (6-8 cr) CHEM 2443 & 2444
Biochemistry (4 cr) MCB 2000
100/200 level Sociology, Psychology, OR Anthropology for CA2 (3 cr) Human Behavioral Social Science Prerequisite


  • *MCB 235 transfers into UConn as MCB 2610 and is therefore accepted by the School of Pharmacy.
  • *The General Education Requirements do not have to be completed in the semester specified.  Please refer to UConn’s Undergraduate Catalog for more information on the General Education Requirements and course descriptions.
  • On-line courses will not be accepted as substitutions for the math/science prerequisite courses.
  • Use the Transfer Equivalency Tool or contact the Pharm.D. Professional Program Office for course substitution information