Photostrip Alumni Awards

Each year the UConn Pharmacy Alumni Association and the School of Pharmacy present awards to alumni for outstanding achievement in a variety career paths and for continued service to the profession and the school.  Our annual recipients are truly examples of the excellence and professionalism exhibited by UConn School of Pharmacy alumni across the country and around the world.

Distinguished Alumni:
The Distinguished Alumnus Award was instituted in 1972 and more than seventy of our alumni colleagues have received this honor.  There have been several changes to this award over the years.

Distinguished Emeritus Faculty Award:
The Distinguished Emeritus Faculty Award is presented to emeritus faculty members who have made an outstanding contribution to the school in teaching, research or service during their tenure or who has had an outstanding impact on students or pharmacy practice.

Exceptional Service Award:
The Exceptional Service Award was instituted in 2010 and is presented periodically to alumni who have provided exceptional service to the school, and especially, to the education of students.

Honorary Alumni:
The status of Honorary Alumni of the School of Pharmacy is awarded in recognition of contributions to the profession or to the School of Pharmacy

Tradition Of Excellence Award:
The Tradition of Excellence Award is designed to recognize the achievement of a young alumnus who is continuing the Tradition of Excellence established by prior generations of UConn School of Pharmacy graduates.  The name of this award comes from the banner statement on the School of Pharmacy website: A Tradition of Excellence: Preparing Leaders in Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Since 1925.  A nominee should be a BS, MS, PhD, or PharmD graduate from within the past 15 years.