Preceptor of the Year

Each year the School of Pharmacy recognizes exceptional preceptors, a full-time faculty member and an adjunct “volunteer” faculty member, for the “Preceptor of the Year Award.” These individuals are selected based upon nominations from the P4 pharmacy class for their outstanding contributions to the educational development of our future pharmacists by demonstrating high standards of professionalism, ethics, and clinical practice during their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. Awards have since been added to recognize preceptors who provide Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences during their P1-P3 years.  These awards are also a student-nominated process that recognizes these practitioners in the community, institutional, and service areas of pharmacy practice. The Roche Preceptor of the Year Award was given through 2007. In 2008, in recognition of his many contributions to the School of Pharmacy and to the development of clinical pharmacy education in Connecticut the School of Pharmacy has named the annual awards honoring excellence in experiential teaching the Dennis J. Chapron Preceptor of the Year Award. Dennis Chapron, M.S., served as an associate professor of pharmacy practice at the School of Pharmacy for 34 years. As a teacher, practitioner, mentor and friend to students and colleagues, Dennis left an immeasurable legacy. Known for excellence in teaching, Professor Chapron has twice received the School of Pharmacy Teacher of the Year Award – in 2003 and 2006. His academic areas of interest include drug disposition and response in the elderly, mechanistic investigations into drug-drug interactions, pharmacogenetics, and clinical problem solving in geriatrics, but his specialty is in connecting with the students, patients and colleagues.

Dennis J. Chapron Preceptors of the Year

Preceptor Lacasse

Ruth Lacasse
APPE Adjunct Faculty 2013-2014

preceptor eyler

Rachel Eyler
APPE Faculty 2013-2014


Colleen Teevan
IPPE Service Learning Adjunct Faculty 2013-2014

preceptor honegger

J Melanie Honegger
IPPE Community Adjunct Faculty 2013-2014

preceptor scarpa

Jose Scarpa
IPPE Institutional Adjunct Faculty 2013-2014

Previous Preceptors of the Year

preceptor croxall

Ginger Croxall
APPE Adjunct Faculty 2012-2013

preceptor wang

Fei Wang
APPE Faculty 2012-2013

Philip Bunick
IPPE Service Learning Adjunct Faculty 2012-2013

J. Arthur Carbonaro
IPPE Community Adjunct Faculty 2012-2013

Ralph Frank
IPPE Institutional Adjunct Faculty 2012-2013

preceptor ehret

Megan Ehret
APPE Faculty 2011-2012

preceptor prota

James Prota
APPE Adjunct Faculty 2011-2012

preceptor depaoli

Brian DePaoli
IPPE Institutional Adjunct Faculty 2011-2012

preceptor roarty

Susan Roarty
IPPE Community Adjunct Faculty 2011-2012

preceptor nailor

Michael Nailor
Faculty 2010-2011

preceptor pesaturo

Adam Pesaturo
Adjunct Faculty 2010-2011

preceptor felitto

Donald Felitto
Adjunct Faculty 2009-2010

preceptor wheeler

Kathryn Wheeler
Faculty 2009-2010

preceptor korch

Ruth Korch
Adjunct Faculty 2008 – 2009

preceptor kuti

Effie Kuti
Faculty 2008 – 2009

preceptor lambert

Victoria Lambert
Adjunct Faculty 2008 – 2009

No Image Available

Nancy Kastner
Adjunct Faculty 2007- 2008

preceptor jeffrey

Sean Jeffery
Faculty 2007- 2008




Roche Preceptors of the Year

2007- 2008

  • Richard Altomari
  • Kevin Chamberlin


  • Devra Dang
  • James Sarigianis


  • Charles Caley
  • Amanda Volpe


  • Craig Coleman
  • Paul Gabriele
  • Henry Pelletier


  • Jack Ross
  • Trinh Pham


  • Dennis Chapron


  • Renee Young


  • Warren Rogers


  • Melissa Gibson
  • Rose Butler


  • Catherine Willmore


  • Kristine Nasinnyk


  • W. Edward Martucci


  • Coleen Cherici
  • David Lavimoniere


  • Richard A. Tyler, Jr.
  • Kenneth Wasserman
  • Stephen Weisenberg


  • Mary E. Inguanti


  • Elizabeth A. Geary


  • Moses S.S. Chow


  • John A. Kiszkiel, II


  • Alex A. Cardoni


  • Alan H. Rosenthal


  • Eric A. Jackson


  • Donald I. Cohen


  • Paul F. Davern


  • John G. Frank


  • Sister Suzanne Deliee


  • Philip F. Nangle


  • Dennis J. Chapron