Graduate Students

List of People
Jeffrey AeschlimannDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 679‑1488
Brian AneskievichDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑3053
Raman Bahal UConn School of PharmacyRaman BahalDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑3253
William Baker, Jr.Department of Pharmacy Practice 972‑7918
Marcy BalunasDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑3051
Katherine Banker MurphyKatherine Banker MurphyDepartment of Pharmacy Practice
No Image AvailableQuanying BaoDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑5613
Robin BognerDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑2136
Thomas BuckleyDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑2132
Philip BunickOffice of Experiential Education 486‑2469
Diane BurgessDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑3760
Karin Burgess UConn PharmacyKarin BurgessSchool of Pharmacy
Karen BuskeSchool of Pharmacy 486‑8726
No Image AvailableKaren BuskeBusiness Office 486‑8726
Charles CaleyDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 545‑7228
Kevin ChamberlinDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑4697
Bodhisattwa ChaudhuriDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑4861
Craig ColemanDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 972‑2096
Francis "Skip" CopelandBusiness & Technology Office 486‑5264
Susan CorbinAdmissions & Student Affairs Office 486‑2216
No Image AvailableAntonio
Devra DangDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 714‑3626
No Image AvailableAjay Donepundiajaydonepudi@uconn.edu860‑486‑5687
Alexis Droesch
Rita Ejiofor
Jill 486‑3151
Judith FrankelJudith FrankelAcademic Affairs Office 486‑8720
Sindorela Frroku
Stephanie GernantPharmacy Practice
Sharon 486‑2218
Jennifer GirottoDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 837‑5589
David GrantDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑4265
Kyle HaddenDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑8446
James HalpertDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑2993
Jenna HendersonSupport Staff 486‑0306
Andrian HernandezAdrian HernandezDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 972‑4468
Lisa HolleDepartment of Pharmacy Practice
UConn School of Medicine 679‑5195
Kim HopkinsPharmacy Practice
Phil HritckoPhilip HritckoDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486 ‑ 2128 Dean's Office
Andrea HubbardDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑8087
Sean JefferyDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 840‑1616
Elyssa KellyUConn Foundation 486‑2656
Debra KendallDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑1891
Kathleen KojiBusiness & Technology Office 486‑5615
Nicole Kowalczyk
No Image AvailableAlexander KusherAdvisor: Dr. Marissa Salvo
Research Topic: "Implementing Medication Therapy Management Services in an Urban Setting"
Leslie LebelDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑4066
Xiuling LuDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑0517
Joshlyn Lucas-NashOffice of Experiential Education
No Image AvailableScott MakuchBusiness & Technology Office 486‑2121
Jacqueline MaligaBusiness & Technology Office 486‑3354
José ManautouDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑3852
Mary MorytkoExperiential Education Office 450‑6188
Joanne NaultProfessional Development Office 486‑2084
Mary Ann PhaneufExperiential Education Office 486‑2999
Christina PolomoffChristina PolomoffDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑2469
Theodore RasmussenDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑8339
Nathaniel RicklesNathaniel RicklesDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑6026
Marissa SalvoDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑4697
Gregory Sartor UConn PharmacyGregory SartorDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Marie SmithDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑2854
Diana SobierajDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 972‑2429
Meg TartsinisDean's Office 486‑ 2128
Jonthan the 000‑0000
Olga VinogradovaDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑2972
Fei WangDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑4697
Kathryn WheelerDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑4697
C. Michael White UConn PharmacyC. Michael WhiteDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 972‑2469
No Image AvailableJeannette WickDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486‑2130
Andrew WiemerDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑3966
P. Ross 486‑3103
Dennis WrightDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑9451
Xiaobo ZhongDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486‑3697
B. ChenBrett ChenAdvisor: Dr. Bodhi Chaudhuri and Dr. Debra Kendall
Research Topic: Bipolar Charging of Particles / Effects of Humidity on Pharmaceutical Powder Flow / Mutagenesis of Amino Acid D3669 (extracellular loop #3) in Cannabinoid Receptor One (CB1)
K. ChanKelly ChanAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden
Research Topic: Itraconazole Analogues as Anti-Cancer Hedgehog & Angiogenesis Inhibitors
N. KommineniNanda KommineniAdvisor: Dr. Diane Burgess
Research Topic: Hemodynamic and Electrocardiographic Effects of Acai Berry in Healthy Volunteers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
A. WestAshley WestAdvisor: Dr. Marcy Balunas
Research Topic: Immunosuppressant Activity from Compounds Isolated from Marine Bacteria
A. GaleAshley GaleAdvisor: Dr. William Baker
Research Topic: Hemodynamic and Electrocardiographic Effects of Acai Berry in Healthy Volunteers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
J. CostelloJulie CostelloAdvisor: Dr. Marcy Balunas
Research Topic: Frankia Symbioses and Natural Products Drug Discovery
M. HaMichael HaAdvisor: Dr. John Morris
Research Topic: L-menthol inhibition of respiratory irritation responses to cigarette smoke irritants targeting diverse chemosensory receptors
M. MillerMichele MillerAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden
Research Topic: Evaluation of Vitamin D analogues as Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment
S. LemieuxSteven LemieuxAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden Research
Topic: Exploration of the Mechanisms of Vitamin D3 Analogues as Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Inhibitors for the Development of Improved Cancer Chemotherapeutics
P. BrooksPatrick BrooksAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden
Research Topic: Synthesis and Activity of Oxysterols as Hedgehog Pathway Agonists
A. CormanAudrey CormanAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden
Research Topic: Synthesis and Activity of Oxysterols as Hedgehog Pathway Agonists