Graduate Students

List of People
Jeffrey AeschlimannDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 679-1488
Jennifer AkosaJennifer Akosa
Brian AneskievichDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-3053
Raman BahalPharmaceutical Science 486-3253
William Baker, Jr.Department of Pharmacy Practice 972-7918
Marcy BalunasDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-3051
Christian BlankeChristian Blanke
Robin BognerDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-2136
Thomas BuckleyDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-2132
Philip BunickOffice of Experiential Education 486-2469
Diane BurgessDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-3760
Karen BuskeSchool of Pharmacy 486-8726
No Image AvailableKaren BuskeBusiness Office 486-8726
Charles CaleyDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 545-7228
Kevin ChamberlinDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-4697
Bodhisattwa ChaudhuriDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-4861
Craig ColemanDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 545-2096
Francis "Skip" CopelandBusiness & Technology Office 486-5264
Susan CorbinAdmissions & Student Affairs Office 486-2216
Devra DangDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 714-3626
Erin EmondsErin Emonds
Rachel EylerDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-4697
Jill 486-2130
Judith FrankelAcademic Affairs Office 486-2128
Hannah GardockiHannah Gardocki
Stephanie GernantPharmacy Practice
Sharon 486-2218
Jennifer GirottoDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 837-5589
David GrantDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-4265
Kyle HaddenDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-8446
James HalpertDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-2128
Andrian HernandezAdrian HernandezDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 972-4468
Lisa HolleDepartment of Pharmacy Practice
UConn School of Medicine 679-5195
Philip HritckoDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-2216
Andrea HubbardDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-8087
Sean JefferyDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 840-1616
John KassisJohn Kassis
Elyssa KellyUConn Foundation 486-2656
Debra KendallDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-1891
Kathleen KojiBusiness & Technology Office 486-5615
Danielle KoubekDanielle Koubek
No Image AvailableAlexander KusherAdvisor: Dr. Marissa Salvo
Research Topic: "Implementing Medication Therapy Management Services in an Urban Setting"
Leslie LebelDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-4066
Xiuling LuDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-0517
Joshlyn Lucas-NashOffice of Experiential Education
No Image AvailableScott MakuchBusiness & Technology Office 486-2121
Jacqueline MaligaBusiness & Technology Office 486-3354
José ManautouDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-3852
Katherine MartiKatherine Marti
Kristen MartiKristen Marti
Robert McCarthyDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-5416
Mary MorytkoExperiential Education Office 450-6188
Barbara MurawskiPharmacy Practice - *Semi Retired 486-9089
Joanne NaultProfessional Development Office 486-2084
Mallory NormanMallory Norman
Sayali OakSayali Oak
Ryan PenningtonRyan Pennington
Jenna PetersSupport Staff 486-0306
Trinh PhamDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-3350
Mary Ann PhaneufExperiential Education Office 486-2999
Michael PikalDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-3202
Christina PornprasertChristina PolomoffDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-2469
Theodore RasmussenDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-8339
Anthony RenzoniAnthony Renzoni
Nathaniel RicklesNathaniel RicklesDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-6026
Marissa SalvoDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-4697
Oindri SenOindri Sen
Marie SmithDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-2854
Diana SobierajDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 972-2429
Meg TartsinisDean's Office 486- 2128
Jonthan the 000-0000
Michael VessicchioMichael Vessicchio
Olga VinogradovaDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-2972
Fei WangDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-4697
Sarah WarackSarah Warack
Kathryn WheelerDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-4697
C. Michael WhiteDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 545-2469
No Image AvailableJeannette WickDepartment of Pharmacy Practice 486-1863
Andrew WiemerDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-3966
P. Ross 486-3103
Dennis WrightDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-9451
Xiaobo ZhongDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences 486-3697
B. ChenBrett ChenAdvisor: Dr. Bodhi Chaudhuri and Dr. Debra Kendall
Research Topic: Bipolar Charging of Particles / Effects of Humidity on Pharmaceutical Powder Flow / Mutagenesis of Amino Acid D3669 (extracellular loop #3) in Cannabinoid Receptor One (CB1)
K. ChanKelly ChanAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden
Research Topic: Itraconazole Analogues as Anti-Cancer Hedgehog & Angiogenesis Inhibitors
N. KommineniNanda KommineniAdvisor: Dr. Diane Burgess
Research Topic: Hemodynamic and Electrocardiographic Effects of Acai Berry in Healthy Volunteers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
A. WestAshley WestAdvisor: Dr. Marcy Balunas
Research Topic: Immunosuppressant Activity from Compounds Isolated from Marine Bacteria
A. GaleAshley GaleAdvisor: Dr. William Baker
Research Topic: Hemodynamic and Electrocardiographic Effects of Acai Berry in Healthy Volunteers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
J. CostelloJulie CostelloAdvisor: Dr. Marcy Balunas
Research Topic: Frankia Symbioses and Natural Products Drug Discovery
M. HaMichael HaAdvisor: Dr. John Morris
Research Topic: L-menthol inhibition of respiratory irritation responses to cigarette smoke irritants targeting diverse chemosensory receptors
M. MillerMichele MillerAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden
Research Topic: Evaluation of Vitamin D analogues as Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment
S. LemieuxSteven LemieuxAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden Research
Topic: Exploration of the Mechanisms of Vitamin D3 Analogues as Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Inhibitors for the Development of Improved Cancer Chemotherapeutics
P. BrooksPatrick BrooksAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden
Research Topic: Synthesis and Activity of Oxysterols as Hedgehog Pathway Agonists
A. CormanAudrey CormanAdvisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden
Research Topic: Synthesis and Activity of Oxysterols as Hedgehog Pathway Agonists