Alexander Kusher

October 2016

Advisor: Dr. Marissa Salvo

Research Topic: "Implementing Medication Therapy Management Services in an Urban Setting"

Alex has been performing research under the mentorship of Dr. Marissa Salvo for 4 semesters. His research project has focused on implementing medication therapy management services in an urban setting. A summary of Alex’s research project follows below:

Community pharmacists are one of the most accessible members of the healthcare team and have thus emerged as clear candidates to actively help patients’ manage their conditions. Pharmacist-provided medication therapy management (MTM) services are effective for guiding patients towards better health outcomes. The hypothesis of my research is that through pharmacist-led MTM sessions, patients will increase their disease state self-management and improve clinical outcomes. During the research project, patients with hypertension and/or diabetes will be provided MTM services at independent pharmacies throughout Connecticut and will be evaluated over a 12-month time period. Although the project is still ongoing, we have found that 59.8% of patients have achieved a blood pressure of <140/90 mmHg–an overall 48% improvement from patients’ initial encounters; 68% of patients have achieved a hemoglobin A1C

When reflecting on his research experiences in the School of Pharmacy, Alex noted: “My research experience has opened my eyes to the important role community pharmacists play when it comes to assisting patients with chronic medical conditions.”

He offered this advice to other students who may be contemplating research: “There are many ways in which you can get involved with research here at UConn. Research is not always in a lab! You should do research [if] you want to become a better student and a better pharmacist.”

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