Brett Chen

March 2016

Advisor: Dr. Bodhi Chaudhuri and Dr. Debra Kendall

Research Topic: Bipolar Charging of Particles / Effects of Humidity on Pharmaceutical Powder Flow / Mutagenesis of Amino Acid D3669 (extracellular loop #3) in Cannabinoid Receptor One (CB1)

Brett is conducting his fourth semester of research with Dr. Chaudhuri and his third semester of research with Dr. Kendall. His research with Dr. Chaudhuri focuses on the bipolar charging of particles as well as on the effects of humidity on pharmaceutical powder flow. Research in both of these areas is critically important for many industries, including the pharmaceutical industry. His research with Dr. Kendall focuses on the evaluation of ligand binding to specific sites on cannabinoid receptors. When reflecting on his research experiences in the School of Pharmacy, Brett noted, “Research has endowed me with both scientific inquiry and curiosity, traits that have changed the ways in which I assess and interact with all aspects of my world…I would tell all students that skills built through research extend far outside the lab.”

B. Chen
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