Kelly Chan

March 2016

Advisor: Dr. Kyle Hadden

Research Topic: Itraconazole Analogues as Anti-Cancer Hedgehog & Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Kelly is conducting her fourth semester of research with Dr. Hadden. Her research focuses on evaluating itraconazole analogues as anti-cancer hedgehog and angiogenesis inhibitors. The hedgehog signaling pathway and angiogenesis are both very important targets for development of new anticancer medications. Thus far, results from her research indicate that: (1) various analogues that more closely resemble itraconazole are stronger inhibitors of angiogenesis versus des-triazole analogues; and (2) there is no correlation between the ability of itraconazole and its analogues to inhibit the hedgehog signaling pathway and angiogenesis. When reflecting on her research experiences in the School of Pharmacy, Kelly noted that research has shaped her future career plans and that she “…will give back to academia by sharing her career and research experiences with students in pharmacy and health education programs.” She offers this advice to students contemplating research: “Look into a project and find a lab that most suits [your] interests…set goals, stay open-minded with new opportunities and get involved early.”

K. Chan
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