Pharm.D. Early Assurance Requirements

UConn School of Pharmacy’s Early Assurance Program


Early Assurance Highlights. Please see more details in the tabs below.

  • Effective for all admitted freshmen students entering pre-pharmacy or Special Program in Pharmacy (Honors) in fall 2019
  • UConn assures all pre-pharmacy students who maintain academic good standing a place in the Pharm.D. Professional program
  • Early assurance eliminates the need to take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)
  • Pre-Pharmacy students who meet select criteria, easily transition to Pharm.D. program
  • Priority consideration for the Pre-Pharmacy Living/Learning Community which has proven to be integral to student success. See more information in the tab below.

UConn School of Pharmacy Accolades

  • Top-ranked school of pharmacy in New England
  • #33 ranked school of pharmacy in the U.S.
  • 94% of students enrolled in the UConn School of Pharmacy graduate on time
  • Accessible faculty and advisors help you to stay on track

Early Assurance Program – How It Works

University of Connecticut pre-pharmacy students typically complete three semesters of prerequisite course work prior to applying to the School of Pharmacy. Please see the Pre-pharmacy plan of study below.

The prerequisites for the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Professional Program also fulfill requirements for additional schools and programs at UConn, as well as meeting the University General Education Requirements that are necessary for earning a bachelor’s degree.

Typically, students first earn a B.S. in Pharmacy studies after four years and then the Pharm.D. after two subsequent years. Students coming into pre-pharmacy as freshmen are eligible for early assurance. This initiative gives students the assurance that they will earn a spot in the UConn School of Pharmacy, without taking the PCAT, provided they meet criteria for entry in their sophomore year. Please see early assurance criteria below.

Students not meeting criteria can still apply to the School of Pharmacy but will be required to take the PCAT. Please see What if I don’t meet early assurance criteria below.

Special Program in Pharmacy (SPiP) students are part of a diverse group of highly talented undergraduates at UConn. Honors students have a record of significant academic success and engagement. Students accepted into this pre-pharmacy program are held to UConn Honors criteria when applying to the School of Pharmacy. Please see early assurance for SPiP students below.

Pre-Pharmacy Academic Plan of Study

1st Pre-Professional Year – Freshman Fall Semester

Course Number Credits Course Name
BIOL 1107 4 Principles of Biology
CHEM 1127Q 4 General Chemistry
MATH 1131Q 4 Calculus
ECON 12011 3 Principles of Microeconomics

1st Pre-Professional Year – Freshman Spring Semester

Course Number Credits Course Name
ENGL 1011 or 1010 4 Academic Writing
CHEM 1128Q 4 General Chemistry II
PHYS 1201Q 4 General Physics
Arts & Humanities1 3 General Education Requirement
Diversity Course1 3 General Education Requirement

2nd Pre-Professional Year – Sophomore Fall Semester

Course Number Credits Course Name
SOCI 10011,3 3 Introduction to Sociology
PNB 2264 or 2274 4 Human Physiology & Anatomy
CHEM 2443 3 Organic Chemistry
MCB 2610 4 Fundamentals of Microbiology
Diversity Course1 3 General Education Requirement

2nd Pre-Professional Year – Sophomore Spring Semester

Course Number Credits Course Name
MCB 2000 or MCB 3010 4 or 5 Introduction to Biochemistry / Biochemistry
PNB 2265 or 2275 4 Human Physiology & Anatomy II
CHEM 2444 3 Organic Chemistry II
Writing Course1,2 3 General Education Requirement
Arts & Humanities1 3 General Education Requirement


1 These courses do not need to be taken in the semester indicated. Math and science prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester of the year seeking enrollment into the Pharm.D. program. Speak with your advisor to stay on track.

1,2 It is possible for the Writing requirement to be fulfilled by courses in general education content areas 1, 2, or 4. 3 May be filled by any 1000-level sociology, psychology or anthropology course from content area 2.

Substitutions - CHEM 1124Q, 1125Q, and 1126Q will be averaged and substituted for CHEM 1127Q and 1128Q. The same applies for other approved substitutions.

Physics - Physics 1401Q, 1501Q, etc., may be substituted for Physics 1201Q. Taking another physics course, however, (e.g. PHYS 1401Q, 1501Q, etc.) in addition to PHYS 1201Q may be considered repetition of a prerequisite.

AP Work - AP scores of 4-5 are accepted as replacements for coursework. When AP work is applied toward prerequisites, the number of total prerequisite credits is reduced by the number of credits earned by that AP work. AP work is not reflected in your overall GPA. We recommend that students take math and science courses again at UConn to reinforce this important foundation information.
Rounding for GPA - The School of Pharmacy does not round when calculating grade point averages.  For example, a 2.999 will not be rounded to a 3.0.

Early Assurance Academic Criteria

Below are the steps to take to meet our early assurance criteria:
  • Apply to UConn Undergrad Admissions and indicate pre-pharmacy as your major on your freshman application or apply to the Special Program in Pharmacy (SPiP).
  • Complete the pre-pharmacy plan of study as outlined above unless otherwise approved by the School of Pharmacy. All course work must be completed at UConn to be eligible for early assurance. No community college or other higher education credit will transfer. This insures understanding of critical core work.AP or college-level (ECE) math and science coursework completed during high school must be repeated at UConn no matter what the score, in order to stay eligible for early assurance.  General Education AP courses taken in high school can transfer with appropriate score.If a student chooses to use math and science AP credits they can still apply to the School of Pharmacy but will no longer be eligible for early assurance and will need to take the PCAT.
  • As part of our School's admission requirements all candidates considered for the professional program must successfully complete an interview. The interview allows us to evaluate each candidate's communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving, teamwork, commitment, and understanding of the pharmacy profession. Those students who qualify for the early assurance program will be offered an interview during their freshman spring semester.
  • Insure that your course work reflects your best efforts.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all pre-pharmacy science and math courses by the end of each of your second, third, and fourth semesters (3.4 if you are in the Honors program).  All science and math prerequisites are included in the Early Assurance GPA, including college courses that are approved as UConn equivalent. If you are in the Special Program in Pharmacy, the GPA requirement is 3.4. See Early assurance for SPiP students tab below.

Complete all enrolled courses with a grade equal to or greater than C (math and science courses excepted as noted above).  Repeat grades will not be used in calculating the early assurance GPA.

Course drops are not permitted. A withdrawal noted on your transcript disqualifies you from early assurance.

  If you have met our requirements and have submitted a complete application to PharmCAS, you are on the road to a earning a Pharm.D. degree from the UConn School of Pharmacy.

Early Assurance for Special Program in Pharmacy (SPiP) Honors

Students accepted into the Special Program in Pharmacy (SPiP) become part of UConn’s Honors learning community and are able to access special enrichment classes as well as housing.

Honors students are held to the UConn Honors standards and upon graduation get an honors designation with their degree. As such the requirement for early assurance in the Pharm.D. program is a 3.4 GPA.

What if I Don’t Meet Early Assurance Criteria?

Students who do not meet early assurance requirements after the fall semester of the sophomore year are still eligible for entry into the School of Pharmacy. You will, however, need to submit a Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) score.

Those who are concerned about not meeting the early assurance requirements are advised to take the PCAT in January or February of their sophomore year to insure consideration for entry into the professional program.

Please email Jenna Henderson ( in the School of Pharmacy for individualized advice.

Information for Transfer Students

Transfer students will need to take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) and apply to the School of Pharmacy through PharmCAS. Transfer students  should refer to the transfers web page.

Please email with any questions. We are happy to assist you!

About the Pre-Pharmacy Learning Community

Our new early assurance initiative encourages living in the Pre-Pharmacy living/learning community. If you are pre-pharmacy and planning to live at UConn in Storrs, you will be given priority consideration for our community floor located in Batterson Hall in the Northwest Quad. Others in the building include Nursing students and independent individuals, so you WILL meet people outside your major!

The Pre-Pharmacy Learning Community supports students both academically and socially throughout the Pre-Pharmacy program and has proven to be integral to student success. The community connects students with School of Pharmacy faculty, staff, and peers, while introducing them to the many different pathways Pharm.D. graduates can take. You will benefit from academic guidance, and enjoy social events, camaraderie, intramural sports, and clubs as you wish, while developing into an engaged and confident professional. Students can apply to live in the community as sophomores as well.

How to apply for the Pre-Pharmacy Living/Learning Community

Apply for the Pre-Pharmacy Learning Community by selecting Pre-Pharmacy on your Residential Life housing application after you have submitted your UConn deposit. We will make every effort to include all incoming freshmen who want live in the Pre-Pharmacy Learning Community but please make your selection early to secure your spot.

We look forward to meeting you!

All admissions requirements are subject to revision and review by the UConn School of Pharmacy Admissions Committee and may be revised without extensive notice.  Entry to the Pharm.D. program at the UConn School of Pharmacy is offered on a space available basis.

Please forward any questions to We are here to help make the application process as easy as possible.