Pharm.D. Student Research Support

The School of Pharmacy supports the research efforts of Pharm.D. students through three named fellowships/scholarships. Application details and student criteria are announced through the Office of the Associate Dean. General descriptions and timelines are provided below. Student applications are evaluated by the Honors & Professional Student Research Committee.

The Karl A. Nieforth Pharmacy Student Research Award

This fellowship supports students with a summer stipend and funds to cover some research-related expenses. The fellowship announcement, student application submission, and evaluations occur early and mid-spring semester, respectively, with the expectation of the student completing a significant portion of the research project that summer. Application forms are distributed to all Pharm.D. students at the time of the announcement. The student-generated proposal should be written for understanding by a non-specialist and should cover:

  1. the project’s significance with respect to the pharmacy field
  2. the scope of work and contribution to the host research group, and
  3. the applicant’s perspective on how he/she sees the research project fitting into their overall student goals and why this project is especially interesting to them.

The Antipas Family Research Scholarship

The Antipas Family Research Scholarship is designed to provide support to qualified students enrolled in the pre-pharmacy major and new (P1) or continuing (P2 – P4) pharmacy professional program students. Student applicants may be but are not limited to UConn Honors Program members. In addition to the scholarship to the student, a limited amount of funds are made available to the faculty mentor to partially defray the student’s research expenses. Students must select a research mentor from the Dept. Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty and demonstrate active involvement in research by relevant course registration (PHAR3099). Applications are distributed and evaluated early in the fall semester. Students must complete a description of the research project (including its timeline for the semester(s) covered), provide highlights of previous or current academic or research accomplishments, and briefly list professional or service activities.