Honors Program

Honor Student GraduationHonors Program students have the opportunity to explore, in detail, an area of interest to gain expertise in a new field and make a scholarly contribution. UConn provides special recognition programs to honors students during the year and at graduation. In addition, research and travel funding, special campus community programs, and priority for dormitories in South Campus are available only to honors students.

Pharmacy students who are not already in the UConn Honors Program may join if they meet cumulative GPA and other entry criteria. UConn Honors Program requirements, including a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher, and forms are available on-line. The University Scholar criteria, including a minimum 3.6 cumulative GPA (or at least a 3.5 GPA for current Honors Scholars), and application information for that program are available separately. Pharmacy students may also complete an honors program in another major but should contact the other department for information. Dr. Brian Aneskievich is the School of Pharmacy honors adviser.

Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed for highly motivated students who maintain a high GPA and wish to cap off their research or scholarly interests by conducting supervised independent study and writing a thesis. At graduation honors students are individually recognized as Honors Scholars. Their transcripts and diplomas reflect this high level of accomplishment. Students wishing to conduct research need to identify a faculty research adviser who will supervise and guide the project. Students interested in a particular line of research should contact faculty members who share those interests and discuss the nature of the proposed project.

Recent Honors Graduates

The Honors Scholar thesis projects completed by these students exemplify the diversity and range of topics available for research.  Students have the opportunity to actively contribute to the investigations done by Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty .


In order to graduate as an Honors Scholar, students in pharmacy are required to:

  • Complete 12 credits of honors courses in the upper division.
  • Complete a satisfactory Honors Thesis from at least three credits of supervised independent study.
  • Present a seminar based on the thesis research in Phar 3012H.
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.4 at graduation. For students graduating PharmD Honors Scholar, this is calculated as a cumulative GPA across your BS and PharmD semesters.
  • Complete at least three credits of honors in an honors course that meets together as a unit (not Phar 3099 or a course conversion). This requirement can be completed prior to entering pharmacy school.
  • Complete at least three credits of honors outside the major. This requirement can be completed prior to entering pharmacy school and can be combined with the previous requirement (completing a course that meets as an honors course).

Students should complete the UConn Honors Scholar Preliminary Plan of Study to map out how they will meet the above requirements. When you apply to graduate, Honors Scholar students should also complete the Honors Program checklist. Pharmacy students may elect to graduate as an Honors Scholar at the end of the B.S. in Pharmacy Studies or at the end of the Pharm.D. program, but not both; most students elect to graduate as an Honors Scholar for the Pharm.D. degree. Honors credits in the pharmacy major may be earned in the following ways:

Phar 3099H – Independent Research: The independent research project is at the core of the Honors Program. The Honors Thesis requires a minimum of 3credits Phar3099 earned for example by development, execution, and analysis of a research project.  A written report describing each semester’s research accomplishments is required in order to receive credit for these courses. Ordinarily, it takes 3-4 semesters to complete a project, so that the decision to begin an honors project should ideally be made no later than the spring semester of the P-1 year. Research may also be conducted during the summer months. A minimum GPA of 2.8 is required to register for Phar 3099.  Phar 3099H credits obtained as a pre-pharmacy student may be used toward the honors pharmacy credits, provided that these same credits were not applied to the Sophomore Honors certificate.

Phar 3012H – Pharmacy Research Seminar: This course provides a broad view of the research being conducted by faculty and honors students within the School of Pharmacy. This one semester course carries 1 credit and may be repeated up to 2 times.

Phar 3087W – Honors Thesis in Pharmacy: Students who have completed at least two semesters of independent research during their P1 year and who choose to complete honors with their Pharm.D. degree may elect to take Phar 3087W during the P2 year in fulfillment of the “W” in the major requirement. As part of Phar 3087W, the student may complete the written background and research to date portion of the thesis.

Phrx 5199H – Experiential Research: Students may work intensively on their research project in the P-4 year by electing to take a research rotation for credit as Phrx 5199H. Students must first consult with the director of experiential education if they are interested in this option.

Convert a Course to Honors: Students may be able to convert existing pharmacy courses and receive honors credit. This option requires additional work outside of the normal class requirements and an online approval form. Students are encouraged to speak to instructors about this option. Typically, credits for rotations during the P4 year cannot be converted to honors credit. All work for course conversions must be completed by the end of the semester. The instructor of the course and the honors director, in conjunction with the student, set a plan for the extent of the work to comprise the conversion.

Graduate Courses: Honors credit may be obtained by taking a graduate course in pharmacy or related field approved by the honors adviser. While many graduate courses have prerequisites, several can be successfully completed by honors students. Students interested in a combined Pharm.D./M.S. or Pharm.D./Ph.D. are especially encouraged to consider graduate courses as an option for fulfilling honors requirements.

University Scholar Program

This prestigious program is for motivated students who wish to pursue nontraditional programs of study of their own creation. Further planning and application information can be found at the University Scholar’s site. The program can be an interdisciplinary mixture of courses from different units within the university, can lead to a dual degree, can include graduate studies, and can be tailored to each individual. A three-person faculty committee supervises a University Scholar’s program of study. In consultation with the student’s committee and the associate dean, certain requirements may be waived. In addition, the university waives the General University Fee for every University Scholar for the remainder of their program. Graduation as a University Scholar is the highest academic honor that the University of Connecticut bestows on undergraduate students.