LEADERS Track Outline

The Pharmacy LEADERS Track consists of four primary curricular components: classroom, experience, service, and research. Along with these requirements, students enrolled in this program will also participate in various co-curricular events and activities.

Applications will be reviewed each year for entry into the track. Students must maintain a 3.0 pharmacy GPA to be eligible for this track. Although not required, students may opt to add a focus in hospital or pharmaceutical industry to their track experience.

After acceptance to this track, the student will work with Dr. Lauren Schlesselman to select elective learning opportunities that best meet the student’s career goals, track progress towards completion of the requirements, connect the student with additional resources, and work to define a research project.

At graduation, students successfully completing this program will be recognized as Pharmacy LEADERS Scholars.

Component Description Credits or Hours
Pharmacy LEADERS Track course This course facilitates professional engagement, self-reflection, and skills development. Examples of activities within this course will include leadership retreats, leadership portfolio development, presentation skills development, interprofessional relationship building, and interaction with pharmacy leader mentors. 2 credits per semester
Pharmacy leadership elective These courses are designed to healp the student to identify their personal strengths, work on team-building skills, and understand and apply leadership “best sellers”.

  • Developing Pharmacy Leaders (PHRX 4057)
  • Discovering the Leader Within (PHAR 3095)
  • Future Pharmacy Leaders (PHRM 5199)
Minimum of 3 credits
Management/business elective Students will complete a management/business-focused elective that aligns with the student’s career plans. Minimum of 3 credits
Experiential Each student must complete at least one academia-, management- or leadership-related experiential rotation. Accepted APPEs include:

  • Leadership (PHRX 5169)
  • Academia (PHRX 5153)
  • Pharmacy association (PHRX 5139)
  • Pharmacy management (PHRX 5165)
  • Hospital administration (PHRX 5162)
  • Experiential industry (PHRX 5117)
Minimum of 4 credits
Service Each student will need to conduct 120 hours of IPPE activities during the P2 or P3 year within the area of service learning, outreach activities, or hospital administrative activities.
Research/Scholarship Each student will either:

  • Develop and implement an independent research project focusing, OR
  • Complete a research APPE (PHRX 5199)
Special events Students will participate in retreats, networking events, and other events organized for the track students to provide focused learning on personal strengths, advocacy, service learning, and team-development.