Pharmacy Leadership Electives

leadership tracks student at the capitol

The School of Pharmacy offers several leadership electives that are open to all pharmacy students.

Future Pharmacy Leaders

This 1-credit course, open to first professional year pharmacy students, is a collaboration between the school, the university’s Leadership Office, and the school’s Phi Lambda Sigma fraternity to foster leadership in the profession. The goals are to:

  • Invite students to explore their individual leadership styles and strengths
  • Encourage students to make connections between their leadership skills and the pharmacy profession
  • Increase awareness of leadership challenges/opportunities in pharmacy
  • Give students the opportunity to explore ways to take an active role in positively influencing the university community and beyond.

This course offers workshops on such topics as StrengthsQuest™, values awareness, communication, ethical decision making, leaving a legacy, leadership theory and more, all with a focus on pharmacy.

Developing Pharmacy Leaders

This 2-credit blended course provides training and experience in areas related to leadership, including identifying personal strengths, envisioning change, team building, and advocacy. The three primary areas of focus are: 1) recognizing and maximizing your strength, 2) basic skills development, and 3) being a servant leader.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe their own leadership style and their role in a team
  • Evaluate the leadership style of others and synthesize an approach to combine own strengths with those of others
  • Apply key points from leadership bestsellers to their current and future lives
  • Utilize communication skills to discuss ideas for change and outreach
  • Integrate knowledge on conflict resolution and team building to identify and resolve a common concern as an advocate for change

Students in this course will read a short, popular leadership book focusing on being passionate about all you do no matter how small. Students will then apply these skills, utilizing Twitter to share their experiences. Students will also work in small groups to develop and implement a project for change, either advocating for the school, profession, or students or serving the needs of the community.

Discovering the Leader Within

This 1-credit elective is open to pharmacy students in the first through third professional years. This course is designed to train people to think about themselves, their leaders, their goals, their organizations, and their time in a different way. Within this course, students complete weekly reading assignments and activities prior to class in preparation for a discussion-based classroom session.

Academia/Leadership Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

This Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience focuses on improving leadership skills through an understanding of leadership theory, interactions with leaders in pharmacy and other fields, and participation in a “real world” project. This APPE provides fourth year pharmacy students with an opportunity to work collaboratively with other pharmacists and health professionals to address pharmacy-related issues, to improve teaching and mentoring skills, to improve written and verbal communication skills, and to develop an understanding of assessment and accreditation in a variety of pharmacy sectors.

At the end of this rotation, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities, joys, and challenges of leadership.
  • Possess enhanced ability to recognize and address issues requiring effective leadership.
  • Educate others on leadership development.
  • Comfortably present in front of large and small groups
  • Work independently and in groups on scholarly projects