Pharmacy Specialty Tracks

To provide pharmacy students with the opportunity to customize their learning experience according to their own particular interests, there are four specialized learning tracks; the LEADERS track, the Urban Service track, the Pediatric Pharmacy track, and the Pharmaceutical Sciences track. Through didactic,service,research and experiential learning opportunities,students are able to tailor their educational experience to their own unique interests while developing a specialized range of skills.


In the rapidly changing and highly competitive environment of pharmacy practice, the profession of pharmacy is seeking to identify the leaders of tomorrow. The School of Pharmacy strives to help identify and distinguish these leaders prior to graduation, preparing them to serve in these leader roles.  The Pharmacy LEADERS Track is intended to expand the breadth and depth of a student’s educations and experiences to develop this next generation of pharmacy leaders.

Pediatric Track

As the practice of clinical pharmacy becomes more competitive, this track is designed to provide the pharmacy student with tools to help them succeed as a pediatric clinical practitioner. It will allow students interested in pediatric clinical pharmacy to have a multitude of pediatric experiences throughout their time as a pharmacy student and graduate as a Pediatric Pharmacy Scholar.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Track

The pharmaceutical sciences track will provide pharmacy students with greater exposure to the pharmaceutical sciences and related research. The track is designed to help students that are considering working as a pharmacist for a pharmaceutical company or planning to pursue a joint Pharm.D./Ph.D. degree. This flexible track allows a wide range of options designed to fit each student’s goals, and is designed for easy integration with existing science minors and the pharmacy honors program.

Urban Service Track

The Urban Service Track is a unique collaboration between the University of Connecticut’s (UConn) Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental Medicine, Nursing, and Social Work, the Quinnipiac University’s Physician Assistant Program, and the community. The main goal of the Urban Service Track is to develop a group of health care professionals dedicated to caring for Connecticut’s urban, underserved populations and practicing in interprofessional teams. Each year a group of students from the six professional schools are selected and admitted into the program. These urban health scholars work as a team to learn to solve challenges of health care in urban areas, including implementing community education and outreach programs, providing direct patient care in free clinics, promoting health literacy and cultural sensitivity, and participating in quality improvement initiatives and community-based research. In addition, urban health scholars participate in conferences focusing on health policy and advocacy activities affecting underserved populations.