Professional Student Research Program

Undergraduate Research LabThe Professional Student Research Program is an enrichment opportunity for highly motivated students who wish to explore a challenging alternative educational experience outside of the traditional pharmacy curriculum.  The goals and benefits of the Professional Student Research Program are to:

  • Foster independent thinking.
  • Foster student-faculty interactions.
  • Gain a greater awareness of a particular field.
  • Integrate knowledge gained from course work.
  • Explore topics beyond the limited exposure available in the traditional curriculum.
  • Clarify potential career and other post-graduate options.
  • Develop unique abilities and leadership skills.

Part of the value of the program is also the intellectual growth students experience while participating in a research project.  Students have the opportunity to present their results in different settings within the school [e.g. group research meetings, discipline seminars, Pharmacy Research Seminar, and the UConn Pharmacy Research Symposium], at the UConn Frontiers in Undergraduate Research program, at regional professional meetings, and at the annual Pharmacy  Research Symposium held each fall in West Virginia.

The Honors and Professional Student Research Committee members are available to counsel you in selecting appropriate projects and in offering further information and advice.