Faculty Grants

August 2016

Repurposing Itraconazole as an Anticancer Chemotherapeutic
American Chemical Society/Petroleum Research Fund: $27,000
Kyle Hadden

July 2016

Beta-Arrestin Signaling from the Cannabinoid 2 and mu Opioid Receptors
DHHS/NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse: $439,400
Debra A Kendall

June 2016

Generation of S. Aureus Mutants Resistant to Compound 1 for Ground-based and Space-flight Experiments
Center for the Advancement of Science in Space/Nanobiosym: $14,418
Amy Anderson

April 2016

CB1 Allosteric Modulators: Molecular, Cellular and In Vivo Pharmacology
DHHS/NIH/National Institutes of Health: $12,470,459
Debra A Kendall

March 2016

Short- or Long-Term Impacts of Drug Exposure at Early Life on Drug Metabolism, Therapeutic Efficacy, and Drug-Induced Toxicity
PHS/National Institutes of Health: $1,211,218
Xiaobo Zhong

Effect of Formulation and Process Variations on Aggregation in ModelTherapeutic Proteins: Impact of Scale-Up
DHHS/FDA/Food and Drug Administration/National Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Education: $250,000
Michael J. Pikal

January 2016

Characterizing Surface Hydrophobicity of Protein Molecules and the Role it Plays in Protein-Protein Interactions
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing of America (PhRMA): $40,000
Devendra S. Kalonia

December 2015

Nonclinical Modeling and Risk Assessment of FDA-Regulated Drug-Nanocrystals
PHS/DHHS/Food and Drug Administration: $33,654
Diane J. Burgess

November 2015

Control Over Keratinocyte Receptor Signaling Pathways by Psoriasis-Associated TNIP1
Pfizer, Inc.: $150,000
Brian J. Aneskievich

October 2015

Development of Real-Time and Accelerated Dissolution Methods for a Long-Acting Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System
PHS/DHHS/Food and Drug Administration: $500,000
Diane J. Burgess

September 2015

Development Regulation of Drug Processing Genes
PHS/NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/University of Washington: $ 184,300
Xiaobo Zhong

In Vitro - In Vivo Correlations of Parenteral Microsphere Drug Products
PHS/DHHS/Food and Drug Administration: $ 124,999
Diane J. Burgess

TDLAS-Based SMART Freeze Dryer Process Development Technology
PHS/National Institutes of Health/Physical Sciences, Inc.: $ 95,780
Michel J. Pikal

August 2015

Metabolomics Tools for Biomedicine
PHS/NIH/National Institute of General Medical Sciences: $1,911,326
David F. Grant

July 2015

Investigating Novel Biological Activities for the Vitamin D Class of Seco-Steriods
NSF/BIO/Directorate for Biological Sciences: $300,000
Kyle Hadden