Pharmaceutical Sciences Track

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Track consists of coursework, research, and presentation activities to enhance student understanding of the pharmaceutical sciences. Students applying into the track must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and may apply at any time prior to the end of the P2 year. Students must have already found a research advisor in order to join the track.

After acceptance into the track, students will work with their advisor to learn more about science, ensure that they are meeting the requirements, and develop a research project. At graduation, students who fulfill the requirements of the track will be recognized as “Pharmaceutical Science Scholars”.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Track Curriculum

Students should complete 9 credits of elective courses from among the following departments: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physiology & Neurobiology, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Physics, Pathobiology, and/or Psychology.

Students are required to complete a research project in consultation with their track advisor, and in doing so should complete 6 credits of independent study research (typically PHAR 3099). It is the responsibility of the student to find a research mentor.

The student will give one presentation (poster or talk) to communicate the results of their research. Typically, this can occur at the UConn Frontiers in Undergraduate Research poster exhibition.

Contact Information

Dr. Andrew Wiemer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
PHONE (860) 486-3966


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