Residencies and Fellowships


The School of Pharmacy offers research fellowships in both pharmacy practice and the pharmaceutical sciences.  These highly individualized postgraduate training programs are designed to prepare the participant to become an independent researcher and a clinical scientist. In contrast to a residency, where the emphasis is on the development of practice skills, a fellowship is focused on the development of research skills.  This training will prepare successful candidates to qualify for faculty positions in academic settings and research positions in the private sector, as well as numerous other opportunities that utilize the scientific and critical thinking skills obtained through this experience.

Over the term of the appointment, fellows generally devote the majority of their training efforts to scholarly activities – predominantly research and relevant coursework, and the remainder to a mixture of clinical, teaching and administrative responsibilities.


School of Pharmacy residencies are designed to foster the development of knowledge and skills in practicing pharmaceutical care.  Residencies in clinical pharmacy provide experience in integrating pharmacy services with the comprehensive needs of individual practice settings and provide in-depth experiences leading to advanced practice skills and knowledge.  Residencies develop the ability to conceptualize new and improved pharmacy services.  Within a given residency program, there is considerable consistency in content for each resident.  In addition, accreditation standards and program guidelines produced by national pharmacy associations provide considerable program content detail and foster consistency among programs.

A residency is typically 12 months or longer in duration, and the resident’s practice experiences are closely directed and evaluated by a qualified practitioner/preceptor.  A residency may occur at any career point following an entry-level degree in pharmacy.  Individuals planning practice-oriented careers are encouraged to complete all formal academic education before entry into a residency.

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy website provides information for pharmacy students on a variety of internship and residency opportunities.