Speaker’s Bureau

speakersWould you like to help our professional and graduate students advance in their profession? Would you like to promote the school and its programs in your local area? Now is your chance. We need alumni who are willing to champion the UConn School of Pharmacy in the following ways:

Recruitment Events (Inside and Outside of Connecticut)

The school is establishing new programs for recruiting top students to the UConn School of Pharmacy. The first program involves visiting Connecticut high schools, along with current students, to meet with potential students and present to classes about pharmacy as a career and UConn School of Pharmacy as the top pharmacy school in New England. The second program involves serving as a resource for students who are interested in pharmacy as a career and are looking at UConn. Potential students would be able to identify an alum in their area through our website or be linked with an alum through our alumni office. The third program is for alumni who wish to participate in open house and other similar annual events at the school. The third activity is the development of videos for our website that spotlight alumni in various pharmacy careers.

Lunch & Learn Speakers

The school hosts weekly hour-long presentations from guest speakers on career and personal development topics of interest to professional students. We are always seeking new topics and speakers.

Leadership & Latte Speakers

The Pharmacy LEADERS Track hosts monthly hour-long sessions for students in the school on leadership related topics. At these sessions an alumna/us or alumni are invited to serve as speaker(s). Presenters typically speak on their experience as a pharmacy leader or their leadership theory, followed by networking with the attendees.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar Series

Alumni are invited back to speak to our graduate students and pharmaceutical sciences faculty about their research.

Leadership Track Mentoring

Annually, each Pharmacy LEADERS Track student is assigned an alumna/us who they must meet, either in person or via conference call, and discuss the alumna/us’ views on leadership in pharmacy and their personal experience. These sessions allow our students to learn from the experiences of our alumni and to increase networking between alumni and our student leaders.

Student Career Development

The Office of Pharmacy Professional Development offers many career development activities, including career counseling, CV reviews, cover letter reviews, contact information for alumni and pharmacists in the areas of student interest, panel discussions in select classes, and interview techniques. Assistance with any of the activities as well as shadowing opportunities for our students are welcome. Mentoring a student throughout the program is also encouraged.

Networking and Guest Events

Throughout the academic year a variety of networking and guest events occur, including, but not limited to, discussing career options with pre-pharmacy, pharmacy, graduate students or post-docs and discussing interactions between our school and pharmaceutical industry or pharmacy practice sites. Some of these are hosted by the school and some by the student organizations. Often we are asked to identify alumni who would be interested in participating.

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