Student Organization Event & Space Request Form

  • Spaces are available for use by reservation only. Remember, this is a request. Submission of this paperwork does not grant the use of the facility in question at the time put forth. Based on availability, a decision will be made regarding the space promptly, and the person listed as the contact name below will be notified of either approval or disapproval. While most requests are gladly granted, the reservation of space is once again based upon the availability of the location as well as the entitlement of the School of Pharmacy to verify the proper use of its facilities. Please allow at least five business days for a response.
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  • Event Details

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  • Please let us know the event details e.g. speaker's name, topics, and if they are an alumni; or fundraiser for group or name of charity, etc.
  • Please provide your top three venue choices:
  • If an additional or adjacent space is need, please indicate:
  • Furniture and AV

  • It is the responsibility of the reserving organization to supply furniture for the event (e.g. tables and chairs, catering tables, etc.) Space must be cleared immediately at the conclusion of the event and the total usage time requested should include time when rental furniture remains in the space. The Morosko Student Lounge has furniture including 6, 4'x4' high tables with rolling chairs; sofas, end tables, and rugs. This furniture may be used, however, the room must be returned to its original configuration. A limited number of 6-foot rectangular tables, 5-foot round tables, and folding chairs are available for rental from the School of Pharmacy. The reserving organization agrees to assume responsibility for the set-up, take down, and care of these items. In addition, the reserving organization agrees to pay charges to repair damage or replace items if necessary. We request the use of the following furniture:
  • Usage Policies

  • Food and Beverages

    Food and beverages are permitted only in designated areas. All food and beverages must be removed at the conclusion of the event. The designated contact person must assume responsibility for both set-up and clean up. A fee will be charged for follow-up custodial care if necessary. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. The organization must abide by all UConn policies regarding the service of food and beverages.

    Event Promotion

    Once an event is approved and space is assigned, the Student Affairs Office will post the event on the School of Pharmacy event calendar at: In addition to the School of Pharmacy calendar, additional calendars may be selected including: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy Alumni Association, Continuing Education, and Experiential Education which are administered by the School of Pharmacy. UConn also has a master calendar (if applicable) and many departments and groups have their own calendar. Events posted on the school calendar will be included on signage displayed in the building and may be advertised on the school's social media sites or newsletters.

    Emergency Closing Procedure

    Events in the Pharmacy-Biology Building are subject to the University of Connecticut’s emergency closing procedures. In the event that the university is closed, the event cannot occur and the School of Pharmacy is not liable for any damages.


    The School of Pharmacy reserves the right to deny the use of public spaces to departments, persons, or organizations that fail to observe these policies. During the duration of the meeting period, the sponsoring organization will be held responsible and liable for any damages, within its control caused by the sponsoring organization, its guests, participants, staff, and vendors.

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