LKS History

Lambda Kappa Sigma was founded on October 14, 1913 by Ethel J. Heath at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston. The original name was Lambda Kappa Society and consisted of eight women. For the first several years of its existence, meetings consisted of luncheons, but when class schedules got in the way it became impossible to only meet for lunch. In 1915, Lambda Kappa Society was renamed as Lambda Kappa Sigma and became a society open to all women at the College.

In 1917 steps were made for Lambda Kappa Sigma to become a national organization, and other chapters were established at other universities throughout the country.  Lambda Kappa Sigma continued to grow over the years, establishing new chapters and holding yearly conventions and meetings.

On September 16, 1949, the Alpha Beta chapter at the University of Connecticut was established. The Alpha Beta chapter has been an active participant in both national and regional conventions in recent years, and is currently working on possibly hosting the 2009 regional convention. In addition to being active in national functions, the UConn chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma is a dynamic part of the pharmacy community, hosting community service projects, social events, professional development events, and boasts the highest membership rate of all the Greek organizations within the School of Pharmacy.