Health Fairs

outreach health fairs blood pressureHealth fairs provide an excellent opportunity to share pharmacist expertise and develop the patient counseling skills of our pharmacy students, while providing valuable health information for large segments of our population. Our school has a longstanding tradition of participating in health fairs sponsored by a diverse mix of organizations. Pharmacy students are available to participate in health fairs to provide health information, perform blood pressure screenings, prepare File of Life tools, and participate in immunization events.

During the past year, our students have participated in a number of Connecticut health fairs including: the World Without Limits Health Fair in Bloomfield, NBC 30 Health Fest, the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Expo, and the South End Senior Health Fair in Hartford, as well as UConn’s Cornucopia Fest in Storrs. At each of these events our students featured our File of Life program as well as other health screenings such as blood pressure readings and cholesterol testing. Our students have also provided live presentations for the attendees. The national “Script Your Future” Medication Adherence Challenge was incorporated into our fall health fair activities to educate patients about the importance of maintaining their medication use for the best and safest results.