Welcome Back from Dean Halpert

Dear Friends,

The start of a new academic year is always an exciting time of year. Students returning to the campus bring with them an energy and vitality that we miss during the summer months. With the incoming freshman class at UConn, the School of Pharmacy welcomes our second cohort of 12 students into the Special Program in Pharmacy. These students are considered for participation in the Honors Program and were selected from a large, and highly qualified pool of applicants to join this program directly from high school. They will transfer directly into the Pharm.D. program upon meeting program milestones. We will be seeing these students throughout their pre-pharmacy years in special honors course sections and events tailored to them. Welcome to our incoming Pharm.D. Class of 2021, our new graduate students in the pharmaceutical sciences, as well as new fellows and residents. I look forward to meeting all of you as the year progresses.

With the departure of Mr. Peter Tyczkowski as the Director of Experiential Education, Dr. Jill Fitzgerald has taken on additional administrative duties as the Director of both Experiential Learning and Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development.  We have two new faculty members joining us this coming fall, Dr. Stephanie Gernant in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Dr. Raman Bahal in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  I also offer my congratulations to Drs. William Baker, Marcy Balunas, and Xiuling Lu who were promoted to associate professor, Dr.  Marissa Salvo who was promoted to associate clinical professor, and Drs.  David Grant and Xiaobo Zhong who were promoted to professor. University faculty undergo a strenuous review process to achieve these milestones, and we are proud of our faculty for their achievements.

I also want to recognize and thank our staff for their continued hard work throughout the year to keep the school running smoothly.

As we open the door on this new year, I ask all the Pharm. D. students to approach your studies with the hard work, creativity, and professional integrity expected of a UConn pharmacy student. Always remember that your work here is not only about today’s test, but about someone’s health in the future.

Enjoy your year!

Warm regards,

James R. Halpert, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor