What Would You Do? – April 25, 2016

Scenario: Ima Loudmouth, is a pharmacist at the local hospital. She loves to chat so she joined in on an elevator conversation with the ER doctor. He had been talking about the young patient he had just operated on. The surgery didn’t go well and the child didn’t make it in through the procedure. From behind, the father of the young boy burst into tears after he recognized the doctor and overheard the conversation. Even though the pharmacist herself did not disclose specific information, what should YOU have done if you walk into a similar situation?

Answer: Patient information is very sensitive and it is important to keep private. As a pharmacist walking into this situation it is important to nip the conversation before any patient information is disclosed. The pharmacist should not have added to the gossip, rather reminded the doctor of the importance of HIPPA.

Take Away: As healthcare professionals we must keep patient information safe. You never know where your voice can travel so it is best to remain silent OR be an active bystander to assure others are obeying the law.