What Would You Do? – April 4, 2016

Scenario: You are an intern at a major compounding center. After a 2-week training session you realize the facility is knowingly sending out drugs that were mislabeled and unsanitary or contaminated. They simply are sweeping it under the rug.

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

Answer: This scenario is based on a real life lawsuit happening now in New England. The consequences of distributing contaminating materials is detrimental. In this particular case, over 800 individuals became sick with fungal meningitis and 64 passed away. If you are experiencing any misconduct in the pharmacy it is your responsibility to report it.

Take Away: Pharmacists are one of the most trusted healthcare professionals. If we continue to work among professionals who cut corners, disregard the rules, and do not hold themselves to the highest standards, incidences like this will continue to happen. It is not only the reputation of our career that suffers, but patient’s health and patients lives. Any act of misrepresentation and forgery can cost a life.