“What Would You Do?” Cases

“What Would You Do?” is an exercise developed by the School of Pharmacy Professionalism Committee to assist Pharm.D. students with developing critical thinking skills surrounding issues of professionalism. Students should think about case and jot down their thoughts prior to viewing the “answer.” The answer is just one suggested way to approach the issue and not the only correct way to handle the scenario. The purpose of the exercises is to think about a variety of potential issues and approaches to resolution before a situation arises.

Week of November 14, 2016

Scenario: Mr. Donkey is a frequent patient at your retail pharmacy, everyone knows him by name when he comes in to pick up his refills and is usually a very nice guy. But on November 9th, you can tell instantly that he is incredibly distraught and upset. When you ask him what’s wrong he complains loudly in front of a long line of other guests that he “cannot believe the results of the presidential election, until my dying breath I will never support that mongrel as my leader and commander in chief”. He demands to know who you voted for, claiming “I will no longer be filling my prescriptions at this pharmacy if any of you voted for that man!”

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

Check back next week for the resolution.

Week of November 7, 2016

Scenario: It is Friday afternoon and the pharmacy is extremely busy. A patient comes to the front desk and inquires about their prescription. It is a new drug and you do not know much about this drug. You try to search the drug in Lexicomp but something is wrong with your app. You debate answering the question from what your remember from lecture.

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

November 7 Resolution

Week of October 31, 2016

Scenario: You have a big PDA exam coming up next week and everyone is extremely stressed about it. Someone in your class sends out a huge group text with a link to an uploaded version of the exam. The text reads: “Scored big today! Went to office hours and saw the exam on the professor’s desk so I snuck some pictures of it while he was out of the room.” You’re really nervous about this exam and want to do well, but are torn whether cheating like this is the right thing.

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

October 31 Resolution

Week of October 24, 2016

Scenario: You are working in the pharmacy and the pharmacist on duty seems to be having a bad day. A customer comes up to the counter to pick up their medication, but their insurance is refusing to pay because it is too soon to refill. The customer is angry because they say that they need this medication today. As you try to explain to the patient about the problem, you hear the pharmacist groan loudly and he begins to yell at the patient. The pharmacist says some rude things to the disgruntled patient and then kicks them out of the store. You know that this is against store policy to treat a patient this way.

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

October 24 Resolution

Week of October 17, 2016

Scenario: You are working in the pharmacy, and one of your coworkers is looking up a patient’s health history profile. You assume they are being ethical and using the profile for a reasonable purpose, so at first you assume nothing of it. However, you then see your coworker taking pictures of the patient’s profile and sending it to friends of the patient, which is clearly a violation of HIPAA laws. Since you just started working here and want to be friends with everyone, you are considering just pretending like you didn’t see anything. Yet, you know how important professionalism is in the work setting, and are considering reporting this incident to the manager.

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

October 17 Resolution

Week of October 10, 2016

Scenario: You just finished the exam using the ExamSoft ® and luckily the whole process went smoothly. You were ready to leave the room to study for the other two exams you have that week. Meanwhile, Jon, who sat next to you, was obviously aggravated. You knew his laptop had problem launching the exam, crashed multiple times during it and was refusing to upload his answers. When he eventually got out, you approached him and ask him how it was. He lashed out in anger “I really hate ExamSoft ® ! I am going to type a long-worded complaint in “The Suggestion Box”, I cannot believe I have to deal with this “technology” two more times this week!” Knowing that the Associate Dean can be just around the corner listening to your conversation.

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

October 10 Resolution

Week of October 3, 2016

Scenario: You took your first exam on ExamSoft and your file failed to upload. You waited in agony for 20 minutes while your computer decided whether or not to accept the file. In anger, you began verbalizing your stress saying “I really hate Exam Soft” and “Whoever decided to buy this software sucks”. The Associate Dean overheard you. You continued to carry on and typed a long worded complaint to the Dean’s Student Liaison Committee. After you sent it, the ExamSoft file uploaded and you suddenly felt relieved. However, you couldn’t take back all of the unprofessional criticism and nasty email you just sent. In this situation- what should you have done?

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

October 3 Resolution

Week of May 2, 2016

Scenario: You are a pharmacy intern working at the drive through at a busy community chain pharmacy. A patient comes to drop off a prescription for Adderall XR and says that they would like to drop it off and pick up the medication immediately. The store is very busy but you go to check to see if the medication is due to be filled and if the store has it in stock. Since the store is very busy right now, one of the technicians suggests you just tell the patient that the store does not have this medication in stock so that you don’t have to fill it and it’s one less thing that you have to worry about and the patient can easily go to a competitor chain just across the street.

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

May 2 Resolution

Week of April 25, 2016

Scenario: Ima Loudmouth, is a pharmacist at the local hospital. She loves to chat so she joined in on an elevator conversation with the ER doctor. He had been talking about the young patient he had just operated on. The surgery didn’t go well and the child didn’t make it in through the procedure. From behind, the father of the young boy burst into tears after he recognized the doctor and overheard the conversation. Even though the pharmacist herself did not disclose specific information, what should YOU have done if you walk into a similar situation?

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

April 25 Resolution

Week of April 18, 2016

Scenario: You have witnessed a classmate cheating on an exam.

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

April 18 Resolution

Week of April 11, 2016

Scenario: Matt was working in the pharmacy.There were three labels for Spiriva but only two inhalers on the shelf. The pharmacist at the hospital turned to Matt and asked him pick two patients randomly. Is this unethical?

If you were in this situation, “What would YOU do?”

April 11 Resolution

Week of April 4, 2016

Scenario: You are an intern at a major compounding center. After a 2-week training session you realize the facility is knowingly sending out drugs that were mislabeled and unsanitary or contaminated. They simply are sweeping it under the rug.

If you were in this situation, “What Would YOU Do?”

April 4 Resolution

Week of March 29, 2016

Scenario: You are an intern at a major retail chain pharmacy. It’s been a busy day, a patient comes into the pharmacy to receive a Hepatitis B vaccine an hour before the pharmacy closes. You checked and made sure that the vaccine is in stock. Before you returned to the customer, the pharmacist pulled you aside and told you to tell the customer that hepatitis B vaccines cannot be administered at the pharmacy. This way both of you will be able to finish work on time.

If you were in this situation, “What Would YOU Do?”

March 29 Resolution

Week of March 15, 2016

Scenario: A regular came into the pharmacy on a Friday night to pick up his Percocet. Since this particular Friday was extremely busy, the medication was not ready. The customer was furious and began harassing the pharmacist. The pharmacist suspected the patient was under the influence of alcohol.

March 15 Resolution

Week of March 7, 2016

Scenario: A patient comes into the pharmacy with an opioid prescription and you quickly notice the date is missing. As a pharmacist, you may not write in a date on a Schedule Two medication. Politely, you inform the patient the medication cannot be filled without the date and instruct them to go back to the doctor’s office. Irritated, the patient leaves the pharmacy and returns 10 minutes later with a dated prescription. You are not sure if the patient went back to the doctor’s office or simply wrote the date in himself.

March 7  Resolution

Week of February 29, 2016

Scenario: A father comes into the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions. He asks the pharmacist if there are any medications to pick up for his family. You notice his 13 year-old daughter is on a birth control medication. Would you dispense the medication to her father?

February 29 Resolution

Week of February 22, 2016

Scenario: Dr. Rx came into the pharmacy for his Saturday morning shift. Upon arrival, the overnight pharmacist informed him that the pharmacy just ran out of its Oxycodone/Acetaminophen. Shipment was delayed by the snow and would not be received until Monday. Dr. Rx knew from his experience that the local hospital ER and emergency clinic would be sending patients over for this particular medication. He had to handle this situation with delicacy or it was going be a long day for him.

February 22 Resolution

Week of February 15, 2016

Scenario: M.D. the pharmacy intern was working at a retail pharmacy when a customer came to pick up his Oxycodone prescription. M.D. asked for a driver’s license to use as identification and quickly noticed it was expired. M.D. explained that he could not provide the medication without a valid ID. The customer was furious and explained he was a doctor, he belittled the intern, and demanded the medication.

If you were in this situation, “What Would YOU Do?”

February 15 Resolution

Week of February 8, 2016

Scenario: Dr. H. finished his shifted at 4:00 p.m. and walked across the street to the local diner. He soon noticed his favorite intern, George, was also there. George was scheduled to be at work in 30 minutes, but was at the bar drinking a beer before his shift. Since Dr. H. was such good friends with the intern, he felt very awkward approaching George about the situation.

If you were Dr. H., “What Would YOU Do?”

February 8 Resolution