What Would You Do? – November 7, 2016

Scenario: It is Friday afternoon and the pharmacy is extremely busy. A patient comes to the front desk and inquires about their prescription. It is a new drug and you do not know much about this drug. You try to search the drug in Lexicomp but something is wrong with your app. You debate answering the question from what your remember from lecture.. What would you do in this situation?

Answer: If you are uncertain about anything one should use the resources (other pharmacist, coworkers, drug apps) to find the answer. Also as a pharmacist, or pharmacy intern, you should NEVER discuss drug information that you are not certain about.

Take Away Message: As a pharmacist we are not required to know everything, but is important to use the resources available to find the answer. It is okay to ask for help or to tell the patient that you don’t know, but will find out the answer. It is always better to check multiple, reputable drug resources to compare the information provided.