What Would You Do? – October 10, 2016

Scenario: You just finished the exam using the ExamSoft® and luckily the whole process went smoothly. You were ready to leave the room to study for the other two exams you have that week. Meanwhile, Jon, who sat next to you, was obviously aggravated. You knew his laptop had problem launching the exam, crashed multiple times during it and was refusing to upload his answers. When he eventually got out, you approached him and ask him how it was. He lashed out in anger “I really hate ExamSoft®! I am going to type a long-worded complaint in “The Suggestion Box”, I cannot believe I have to deal with this “technology” two more times this week!” Knowing that the Associate Dean can be just around the corner listening to your conversation. In this situation, “What should you have done?”

Answer: You quickly reminded him of what you read on “What would you do?” last week, and asked him to keep his voice down. You led him to a private spot, he looked a little calmer now. You asked if he still wanted to file a complaint and promised him that you will proofread his submission before sending it out. You told him that you’ve found ipads® (4th generations and up) to be extremely compatible with ExamSoft®. You also told him to contact Judith Frankel (judith.frankel@uconn.edu, Room: 350, 860-486-8720 Mon to Fri 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.), who possesses sagacious knowledge of the software. This way he can try to resolve current issues before your next exam.

Take Away Message: We all learned about be empathetic to our patients in class. Don’t forget, however, that we can all be patients at one time or another. We pharmacists are trained to be healers and problem solvers, be supportive to your peers when they are in distress, help them do the right things and make the right decisions to stop problems from exacerbation.