What Would You Do? – October 24, 2016

Scenario: You are working in the pharmacy and the pharmacist on duty seems to be having a bad day. A customer comes up to the counter to pick up their medication, but their insurance is refusing to pay because it is refill too soon. The customer is angry because they say that they need this medication today. As you try to explain to the patient about the problem, you hear the pharmacist groan loudly and he begins to yell at the patient. The pharmacist say some rude things to the disgruntled patient and then kicks them out of the store. You know that this is against store policy to treat a patient this way. What would you do in this situation?

Answer: This incident should be reported to the pharmacy manager, especially if as a technician/ intern you do not feel comfortable confronting the pharmacist yourself. As a good employee it is your duty to make sure that customers are treated with respect.

Take Away Message: As a pharmacist professionalism should be a number one priority. Yelling at a patient in that type of manner will only serve to further distance the pharmacist from making connections with patients. It is important, as the most accessible health care professional, that pharmacists make positive impressions on their patients. In order to further develop the role of the pharmacist, it is important that others believe that we are trustworthy, dependable and willing to help the patient as much as we can.