What Would You Do? – October 31, 2016

Scenario: YYou have a big PDA exam coming up next week and everyone is extremely stressed about it. Someone in your class sends out a huge group text with a link to an uploaded version of the exam. The text reads: “Scored big today! Went to office hours and saw the exam on the professor’s desk so I snuck some pictures of it while he was out of the room.” You’re really nervous about this exam and want to do well, but are torn whether cheating like this is the right thing. What would you do in this situation?

Answer: Although doing well on the upcoming exam is important to you, it is crucial to realize that you need to uphold the standard of integrity that is expected of you. You need to remember that you are in a professional program, and that cheating is not tolerated. If you feel unprepared for the exam, try to go to the professor for office hours or study with a group of friends in order to better prepare yourself.

Take Away Message: Professionalism doesn’t only apply to situations in the workforce. Maintaining professionalism in your schoolwork and classes is also important. Cheating on an exam would not be representative behavior of someone that is professional. It is also important to think of the consequences in this situation if you were to be caught cheating.