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Diane Burgess

  • E-Mail
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    • (860) 486-3760
  • Fax
    • (860) 486-2076
  • Office
    • School of Pharmacy
      Room 432
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    • University of Connecticut
      Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      69 North Eagleville Road
      Storrs, CT 06269-3092

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor
Professor of Pharmaceutics

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Educational Background

  • B.Sc. University of Strathclyde
  • Ph.D. University of London
  • Postdoctoral Training: Universities of Amsterdam, Nottingham, and North Carolina

Research Interests

  • Drug delivery systems and performance testing methods
  • Implantable biosensors for glucose monitoring for diabetic patients
  • Intracellular trafficking of gene therapeutics and delivery systems using quantum dots

Selected Publications

  • Costa, A., Xu, X., Burgess, D.J. (2014) Freeze-Anneal-Thaw Cycling of Unilamellar Liposomes: Effect on Encapsulation Efficiency, Pharm Res. 31, 97-103.
  • Wang, Y., Gu, B., Burgess, D.J. (2014) Microsphere Prepared with PLGA Blends for Delivery of Dexamethasone for Implantable Medical Devices, Pharm Res. 31(2), 373-381.
  • Shen, J., Burgess, D.J. (2013) In vitro dissolution testing strategies for nanoparticulate drug delivery systems: recent developments and challenges, Drug Deliv. Transl. Res. 3(5), 409-415.
  • Kapoor, M., Burgess, D.J. (2013) Cellular Uptake Mechanisms of Novel Anionic siRNA Lipoplexes, Pharm Res. 30(4), 1161-75.
  • Wang, Y., Papadimitrakopoulos, F., Burgess, D.J. (2013) Polymeric “smart” coatings to prevent foreign body response to implantable biosensors, J. Control. Release 169(3), 341-347.
  • Rawat, A., Bhardwaj, U., Burgess, D.J. (2012) Comparison of in vitro–in vivo release of Risperdal® Consta® microspheres, Int. J. Pharm. 434(1-2), 115-121.