School of Pharmacy Advisory Board

UConn School of Pharmacy's Advisory Board is comprised of School of Pharmacy alums and leaders in pharmacy who provide advice and counsel to the School of Pharmacy that forwards the School's mission of research, teaching, and service.  The School is appreciative of each individual's dedication to the Schools development and prominence both nationally and internationally.

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Active Advisory Board Members


Sarah Thompson, Pharm.D.

Head of Clinical Operations, Programs & Strategy/Chief Clinical Operations Officer, Onduo

UConn '06; Cornell University


Vice Chair

Mary Inguanti, MPH

Vice President, Becton Dickenson

UConn '84, '97


Active Advisory Board Members

Amy Antipas, MS, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Worldwide R & D and Medicine, Pfizer, Inc.

UConn. '89; University of Kansas


Kerry Blanchard, Ph.D.

Vice President, Safety Assessment and Laboratory Animal Resources, Merck

UConn '94


Matt Bogdanffy, Ph.D.

Vice President, Nonclinical Drug Safety US, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Northeastern University


Kevin W. Chamberlin, Pharm.D., FASCP

Associate Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, UConn Health

UConn ’01, ’03


Margaret N. Essex, Pharm.D.

Sr. Medical Director Global Medical Affairs, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, Pfizer, Inc.

UConn '81; Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University


Christopher Fortier, Pharm.D. FASHP

President, Nephron Pharmaceuticals

UConn '03


Marlon Fuller, Pharm.D.

Sr. Medical Science Liaison, Biogen

UConn ‘04


John Gadea, Jr., RPh.

Director (Retired)

UConn ‘79


Barbara L. Giacomelli, MBA/Pharm.D., FASHP

Executive Director, NJSHP

UConn '83; Widener University; University of Colorado


Paulette Grocki, Pharm.D., MBA,

Director of Pharmacy, Connecticut Children’s

UConn ’08


Gene Jay, BS

Director, Evernorth Business Development

UConn '87


Julian Koruni, Pharm.D.

Areah Healthcare Supervisor, Walgreens Boots Alliance



James LaFlamme, MS

CEO Emeritus, BioPharma Global a division of Pace Labs

UConn '79; Indiana Wesleyan University


Darren Luon, Pharm.D.

Medical Oncology Pharmacist and PGY-2-Oncoclogy Residency Program Director, Yale-New Haven Hospital

UConn '13


Alia Mahmood, Pharm.D., MBA

Associate Director of Global Medical Communications and Publications, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

UConn ’14, ‘17


Marielle Nyser, MA

Senior Manager, Cigna

UConn ’92: Seton Hall University


Jason Poquette, BS, CSP

Director of Specialty and Outpatient Pharmacy, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

UConn '93


Karen M. Steele, Pharm.D.

Vice President of Pharmacy Services, Nuvance Health

University of the Pacific


Greg Susla, Pharm.D.


UConn '80; University of Florida


Colleen Teevan, Pharm.D.

System Pharmacy Clinical Program Manager, Hartford Healthcare

UConn ‘10


Eric Tichy, Pharm.D., MBA

Vice Chair, Supply Chain Management – Formulary/Pharmacy, Mayo Clinic

UConn '01


Nathan Tinker, Ph.D.

CEO, Connecticut Pharmacists Association

Fordham University


Faculty Representatives

Lisa Holle, Pharm.D.

Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice, UConn School of Pharmacy

University of Wisconsin, Madison


Dennis Wright, Ph.D.

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, UConn School of Pharmacy

Ohio University


Pharm.D. Representative

Ashley Roding, B.S. (Pharm.D. ’25)

Professional Student Representative UConn School of Pharmacy


Graduate Student Representative

Hangyu (Bella) Wu, MS

Graduate Representative UConn School of Pharmacy

University of Southern California; UConn '26

Emeritus Board Members

Darlene Able (1980)
Ann-Louise Almeida
Eric Arlia
Suresh Babu (1987)
Jim Baxter
Michele Belsey
Robert Bepko, Jr. (1977)
Bakul Bhatnagar (2006)
Lydia Borysiuk
Mark Brackett (1978)
Richard Carbray, Jr. (1975)
Jeffrey Casberg (1986)
Debroah Chyun
Bob Dana (1963)
Angelo DeFazio (1985)
Joseph DeLucia (1965)
Barbara Deptula (1978)
William Dewey (1967)
Marion Ehrich (1976)
Peter Farina (2014)
Deborah Faucette (1980)
Jean Gagnon (1963, 1968)
Marghie Giuliano (1975)
Rachelle Goto (1976)
Greg Gousse (1971)
Bill Hait (1965)
Dan Haron
Mike Heffernan (1987)
Leslie Higgins
Sarah Kelly
Allison Kiene (1988)
Gerald Koblin (1960)
Janet Kozakiewicz (1979)
Ken Lalime (1979)
Lucinda Maine
Kimberly Metcalf (1993)
Scott Obach
Jennifer Osowiecki (1986)
Joseph Palo (1973)
Joe Papa (1978)
Steve Pashko
Erica Peitler (1988)
Bob Pinco (1966)
Charlene Polino (1981)
Glen Potvin (1987)
David Rosen (1978)
Michael Rubino (1975)
Mark Rubino (1973)
Ed Schreiner (1982)
Dave Sencabaugh
George Spratto
Michael Starkowski (2011)
Roger Stoll (1973)
Lisa Stump (1991)
Papatya Tankut
Elliott Tertes (1962)
Matt Wallace (1980)
Margaret Weaver (1980, 1990)
Jeannette Wick (1979)