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University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate Programs Overview

Pharm Sci Graduate Program 2013
Graduate students work toward a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, or pharmacology & toxicology. Highlights of the program include extensive research opportunities with premier faculty, departmental and discipline-focused seminars, poster and seminar presentations at the annual Postdoc and Graduate Student Appreciation Day, participation in a highly interactive environment, and opportunities to attend conferences. Recent graduates of the program include Nitin Dixit, Post-Doctorate – Pharmaceutical Development Associate II, Drug Product Development, Shire HGT; Mamta Kapoor, postdoctoral fellow, University of Minnesota; Janet Paulsen, postdoctoral fellow, Harvard Medical School; Sophia Ononye, postdoctoral fellow, Yale School of Medicine; Kishore Viswanathan, postdoctoral fellow, University of Minnesota; Yan Wang, Research Participant, Office of Generic Drugs, Food and Drug Administration.