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PRISM Collaborative

What is the PRISM Collaborative?

The PRISM Collaborative brings together a unique group of stakeholders to transform healthcare in Connecticut by integrating pharmacists in medication management through innovations in education, practice-based research, health care policy, and team-based care delivery.

What Type of Research is Conducted Through PRISM?

PRISM researchers conduct practice-based research (T3) and health services and policy research (T4).

Who Should Participate in the PRISM Collaborative?

Individuals and organizations interested in improving the overall health of patients through safe medication management should join PRISM.  Participants could include:

  • Pharmacy and Medical Professional Organizations
  • Community Pharmacies
  • Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Physician Practices and Groups
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Payers
  • Policy Makers
  • Consumer and Employer Groups
  • Health Care Researchers

Why Should I Participate in the PRISM Collaborative?

There are many reasons to participate with PRISM including:

  • Improving patient care by actively involving pharmacists on the healthcare team
  • Becoming a leader in pharmacy practice transformation in Connecticut
  • Participating on a research team
  • Exploring new care and payment models for medication management services

When Should I Participate in the PRISM Collaborative?

There is no cost or obligation to become involved with these initiatives, so register today for maximum benefit.

How Can I Register with the PRISM Collaborative?

Join the mailing list to be kept informed on opportunities to participate.

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