Connect with Ambassadors

UConn School of Pharmacy Ambassadors Giving a tour to prospective students

School of Pharmacy Ambassadors are an elite group of students who embody the spirit of UConn Pharmacy and represent the school to a variety of audiences including prospective and current students, alumni, donors, and others interested in the school. Whether you are a first year student, transfer or Ph.D. candidate we will match you with an ambassador that can talk with you and answer your questions.

Ambassadors have become knowledgeable about many aspects of our School and are available to talk about their experience with prospective students in person or via WebEx.

B.S. in Pharmacy Studies and Pharm.D. programs

If you would like to connect with one of our School of Pharmacy Ambassadors to learn more about Pharm.D. classes, the benefits of experiential education, student life, and the overall UConn School of Pharmacy experience please email: and we will connect you.

Ph.D. and Masters programs

Prospective Ph.D. students, please complete our inquiry form to start your connection.

Uconn school of pharmacy ambassadors give a tour
UConn School of Pharmacy Ambassadors

Questions you can ask your Pharm.D. ambassador:

Not sure what to ask? Here are some ideas:
  • Explain the steps from First year to B.S. Pharmacy Studies to Pharm.D.
  • What do P1, P2, P3, and P4 mean?
  • How can I get a biology minor?
  • What classes do you take in each professional year?
  • How many classes/credits do I take per semester?
  • Do I need to take an admissions exam (PCAT)?
  • How can I join clubs in pharmacy?
  • What clubs can I join to get more involved in pharmacy?
  • What kinds of clubs are there?
  • What do I need to do to transfer into UConn for pharmacy school from another college?
  • What extracurriculars besides pharmacy can I get involved in?
  • What are professionalism ceremonies?
  • How difficult is it to manage time in pharmacy school?
  • How can I better manage my time while juggling all these classes?
  • Where can I go if I need extra help with my pharmacy classes?
  • What is UNIV / FYE?
  • Where should I live as a first year student?
  • What is the pharmacy house learning community?
  • I’m an/may be an Honors student, can I still live in the pharmacy learning community?
  • What are the tracks and dual degree programs offered at UConn School of Pharmacy?
  • What's the admission process like?
  • Do I need an interview to get into the school of pharmacy?
  • How much is tuition?
  • Should I have my E-course/W-course done before pharmacy school?
  • What are some good E and W courses?
  • What is the breakdown of classes prior to applying to pharmacy school?
  • How hard is the pre-professional period of the program?
  • Where can I go for academic help as a pre-professional student?
  • Will my credits transfer over from my current university?
  • What’s the transfer to UConn student ratio?
  • What is the gender ratio in class?
  • Is there diversity of students in your program?
  • What are IPPEs and APPEs?
  • How do I find an IPPE or APPE to work  at?
  • What is a preceptor?
  • What are service learning hours?
  • Can I still have a social life while doing pharmacy?
  • Who is in charge of admissions and student affairs in the professional program? Pre-professional program?
  • Are all of the pharmacy classes held in the same building?
  • Are there any practicals done while in pharmacy school?
  • How do the MPH and MBA programs work?
  • What is the Honors program?
  • What are lunch and learns?
  • Are most students from the Connecticut area?
  • What happens during the fourth year of pharmacy school?
  • What work opportunities are available for students?
  • I’m out of state, are work opportunities/rotation locations available in my area?
  • I have AP / ECE credits, can I bring them so I don’t have to retake classes?
  • How can I get involved in research? What opportunities are available at UConn?
  • Can I transfer to UConn without doing the prerequisite courses?